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Tags: Adam Scott, Ben Stiller, James Thurber, Kristen Wiig, Patton Oswalt, Sean Penn, Shirley MacLaine, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
It’s not a great movie, but the adventure is a very nice travelogue, and there are some funny bits. As a lover of old films, I fondly remember the Danny Kaye version from the 40s, which was also kind of loosely based on said short story.

What the two movies have in common is that they focus on a mild-mannered man who lives his life of adventure through his own very imaginative daydreams.
The new version directed by and starring Ben Stiller is not content with Walter’s fantasies remaining in the realm of the imagination. Walter starts off as the same milquetoast kind of nice guy, but inspired by his unrequited love for a co-worker, he becomes the man of his dreams.

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