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In Ben Stiller's The Secret Life of Walter Mitty remake, the director casts himself as a man whose wild imagination immerses him in fantastical adventure. This preview seems to set up a much more indie drama-styled escapist adventure, replete with all the Of Monsters and Men backing, horizontal across-the-screen traveling shots, and preciously-composed framing meekly demanded of the genre. I Watch Stuff is a movie and video blog dedicated to bringing you the best and worst that Hollywood and the Internet have to offer and then, more often than not, making fun of it because it sucks.

As it's set up, Stiller plays the titular character, whose stark apartment, bleakly-pallid life, and official Loser-brand windbreaker should clue you in that he is a Sad Bastard. There always needs to be a two-dimensional celebrity presence beckoning us to Stiller's world of whimsy. Thankfully, he has a well-traveled and occasionally CGI-enhanced imagination, allowing him to escape from his boring life and looming work problems--like, his unrequited affections for co-worker Kristen Wiig and the bullying of a Travolta-bearded Adam Scott, who seems to be reprising his role from Step Brothers, having used his helicopter company as a springboard for an executive position at LIFE.

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