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Sozkonusu sinema oldugunda, aktorlerin de filmler kadar onem tas?d?g?n? dusundugumden, filmi anlatmadan once basroldeki Ben Stiller ile ilgili iki kelime etmemin yerinde olacag?na inan?yorum. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, James Thurber taraf?ndan yaz?lm?s ve 1939 senesinde  The New Yorker dergisinde yay?mlanm?s bir oyku asl?nda. Ilk olarak 1947 y?l?nda filme al?nan ve basrolunde buyuk komedyen Danny Kaye’in oynad?g? cal?sma, oykunun yazar? taraf?ndan pek begenilmemis.
Konu soyle: Life dergisinde cal?san,gorevi cekilen fotograflar?n negatiflerini arsivlemek olan Walter Mitty, bir gun derginin kapanacag? haberiyle sars?l?r. Filmin k?r?lma noktas?, Walter Mitty’nin kurdugu hayallere benzeyen bir hayata ad?m atmas?, bircok insan?n yan?ndan bile gecemeyecegi maceraperest bir kurguyla tum sorunlar?na kars? ayaklanmas?d?r. Son derece ilginc bir konusu olan filmin her bir karesi, kahraman? Mitty’nin isine uygun olarak, bir fotograf gibi adeta. Lakin yeri geldiginde beni etkileyen, hosuma giden baz? farkl? mevzularla ilgili yorumlar?m olabiliyor. Art?k Life Online olarak cag?n gerceklerine ayak uyduracak olan derginin bircok kisiyi isten c?karacag? soylenmektedir.
Senaryosunu yazd?g?, yonettigi, basrolunu oynad?g? 50 kadar film bulunan basar?l? aktorun, Turk sinema seyircisi taraf?ndan da takip edilen Zoolander, There’s Something About Mary (Ah Mary Vah Mary), Meet the Parents (Zor Baba), Night at the Museum (Muzede bir Gece Uclemesi ) gibi cal?smalar? buyuk begeni toplam?st?r. This time around, rather than an aging Connecticut husband, Mitty is a single New Yorker who has spent his career dutifully working in the photo archives of LIFE magazine, which is set to print its final issue.

Bir yandan da ayn? sirkette cal?san bir kad?na as?k olmus, bu konuda hicbir ad?m atamamaktad?r.
When the negative for the cover photo goes missing, Mitty sets off on the first adventure of his uneventful life to track down famed photographer Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn) and in the process try to win the affections of his coworker Cheryl Melhoff (Kristen Wiig). Ezik kahraman?m?z Walter, ask? ve isi konusunda eli kolu bagl? otururken, kendini rahatlatmak icin surekli hayal kurar. His trip takes him from the LIFE offices to a run-down pub in Greenland to a fishing boat on the North Sea to an Icelandic volcano to the hills of Afghanistan. The task of creating these diverse environments fell to production designer Jeff Mann (Tropic Thunder, Mr. His mind works a mile a minute, and he's also keeping the door cracked to a better idea or a way to turn something on its ear. There are a lot of signals or clues to things that happen in his daydreams and his aspirations.
The place was pretty state-of-the-art when it was opened, and of course Charles and Ray Eames designed a whole furniture suite for it specifically. There’s a lot of groundbreaking detail and thought that went into that building, the Seagram Building, and Lever House.
It’s a hybrid of things, a lot from my imagination, as well as places like the stacks at the Harvard Library.

We wanted it to be a bit of a treasure room.One of the other places that was physically a big challenge was the pub in Greenland. We shot the boat in Iceland, and we had always planned the bunk room scene to be built as a set [in a studio]. We were outside of this port town, where we were doing the exterior scene, and we had bad weather forecast.
To access the space, you had to get on the deck of the boat, go to the extreme bow, crouch down and go through a four-foot-high hatch, then three feet in there was a 30-inch square in the floor with a ten-foot ladder that you had to go down. We worked 24 hours straight and covered every surface with contact paper, changed the lighting, and added all the details. What did you want to tell the viewer through the stark space?JM: The apartment is not very luxurious or necessarily comfortable. He uses his limited income and resources in more strategic ways to help his mother and sister. When he finally makes a decision to take a leap of faith and go into the big wide world, things are no longer 90 degrees for him.

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