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OverviewWalter Mitty is a daydreamer who escapes his humdrum life through his wild imagination. Most people who know him think of him as odd, but it's his best way of dealing with the disappointment that his life is nothing extraordinary. A dull, anonymous job, an overbearing mother, and a wife who, although loving, keeps him on a short leash. However, he is about to learn the difference between dreaming about amazing feats of derring-do and actually living them.

Finding himself bored and unfulfilled in real-life, he retreats to a world of fantasy in which he embarks on imaginary intrigues and adventures, filled with romance and heroism, that his true mild-mannered self could never hope to undertake.
Walter's company faces a threat that could put it out of existence and all of his co-workers out of a job. This is his "secret life." His real life takes a turn, however, when an incident at work threatens his job, and the job of a coworker that he admires. He becomes embroiled in a globe-trotting mission to save it, allowing him to live out the sorts of adventures that he'd always dreamed of.

He must call on the skills and behaviors he developed in his secret life to solve real-world problems.
Walter soon learns that leading the life of action and adventure that he always dreamed of is more difficult than it looks.

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