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George und die hochschwangere Anne sind voller freudiger Erwartung, jeden Moment kann das Baby kommen.
The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh (Marriage Game Series #2) by Ella Quinn, Jacquelyn Frank, G. Assembly PowerPoints for the start of the new term, new resources for a new curriculum and much more! All our products have been tried and tested and can be instantly downloaded to save you precious preparation time. PrimaryWorks' stock of well designed, easy to edit PowerPoint presentations offer hundreds of lesson ideas, all created by education professionals, in tune with the current curriculum. Download this 28 slide PowerPoint Anne Frank and her Diary to use in a history or PHSE lesson.
PrimaryWorks is a reliable and popular education resource used by over 22,000 teachers on a regular basis. Please note that PrimaryWorks products are compatible with Windows Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft 2010. The Secret Life of Anna Blanc is an excellent debut and features an engaging heroine.Seventh Street Books (November 3, 2015).
Anna Blanc is an intelligent but naive, disobedient socialite who’s been sheltered by her father her entire life.

Determined to solve a murder before she marries, Anna bribes her chaperone and takes a job as an LAPD police matron under an assumed name. Terry AmbroseSan Diego Fiction' ExaminerTerry Ambrose, a writer at heart, started out skip tracing and repossessing cars.
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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Primary Works is a reliable and popular education resource used by over 22,000 teachers on a regular basis.
She fears if her father were to find out he’d “lock her up in the cellar where she would turn green and fuzzy from mold.” If her fiance were to find out, he would leave her to a spinsterhood in bondage. A Find out about Annes' early life, how the Frank family moved to Amsterdam and their move to the Secret Annex where they lived in fear.
Her observation of the corpse leads Anna to believe the young woman was murdered, but the Coroner declares the death a suicide. Risking the only life she’s ever known, Anna has to decide whether to pursue the killer or relinquish her dream of being a detective. Anna’s adventuresome spirit and determination to achieve her dream make for a strong story line.

A This resource has been carefully compiled so children will be able to understand and empathise with Anne, see images of her life and learn more about life during the war for Jewish people under attack.
Anna’s dream is to be a detective with the LAPD and solve murders, but in 1907 Los Angeles, female police officers don’t exist.
The descriptions of 1907 Los Angeles are vivid with details that transport you back in time. The PowerPoint suggests activities children can do out and includes hyperlinks they can use to carry out further research. Unable to convince the police to investigate the deaths further, she decides to get justice for the victims by solving the murders on her own. A Download now for a great, tried and tested resource your children will find moving and inspirational!

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