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According to the 2010 survey by the Apiary Inspectors of America and the Agricultural Research Service, 33.8 percent of colonies failed to survive through winter. As a result of the alarming trend within this recently endangered species, biologists and food consumers fear potentially serious environmental and economic implications  could be on the horizon. The survival status of the honeybee population is uncertain, but research is shedding glimmers of hope.
President of the Lane County Beekeepers Association, Judy Scher is an expert on backyard beekeeping. Q: Obviously you know a lot about honeybees; can you tell me more about Colony Collapse Disorder?
Q: According to the USDA, over $15 billion worth of crops depend on honeybee pollination; what do you predict are potential consequences if no cause or cure for CCD is determined? President of the Lane County Beekeepers Association (LCBA), Scher had always been interested in bees, but she never pursued her enthusiasm for the black and yellow striped insect until the day she cracked the binding of a book. After that fateful occurrence at the Home Show, Scher was inspired to enroll in honeybee educational seminars and eventually developed a small-scale backyard beehive behind her home.
It wasn’t until after Colony Collapse Disorder became a global issue that Scher realized her knowledge could contribute significantly to her local community of bee lovers as president of LCBA.

Though no direct cause has yet to be isolated in Colony Collapse Disorder, the mitigation techniques used by those like Scher are yielding positive results.
Now with more research and focused recovery efforts, “the losses are down to 33%… because people have begun taking bee nutrition more seriously,” said Scher. Honey is Winnie the Pooh’s favorite snack, the perfect complement to buttered toast, and the product most closely associated with bees. This unprecedented statistic is over 15 percent above average and threatens to rise for years to come if the mystery isn’t solved soon.
Department of Agriculture has invested $20 million to research this trend with hopes of preventing the insect’s extinction.
Until a resolution is discovered, honeybees will remain endangered–hurting our agricultural and economic sectors in the process. Most of us are backyard beekeepers and we exist to educate people about good beekeeping management. There is always a Varroa Mite infestation and if it coexists with other factors, then the hive collapses.
I think some may have thought it was dismal, but as we have problems, we always seem to have research and education that helps us. Yet, thanks to the research of bee experts and dedication of backyard beekeepers like Judy Scher, the honeybee now stands a chance of overcoming Colony Collapse Disorder.
Whether it was fate or coincidence, something compelled her to forgo her initial purpose for heading to the convention. Instead of practicing large-scale mono-pollination methods, like the commercial beekeeping industry, Scher has found her strategy to be the most effective at avoiding collapsing colonies.
In 2006, when the disorder first became a pressing issue, some witnessed up to 60% of hives failing to survive past winter. Maintaining healthy hives has never been more important for preserving the vitality of honeybees.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Studies show several factors including pesticides, parasites, and stresses have contributed to this “Colony Collapse Disorder”. While their sweet, sticky, and viscous honey is what they are best known for producing, honeybees are responsible for pollinating just about any fruit or vegetable in existence. According to one of the nation’s top bee researchers, University of Maryland entomologist Galen Dively, “We’re going to see a lot of money poured into this problem.” Speculations over the cause of this issue range, but most professionals can agree human presence in their habitat is not likely aiding their fight to survive. As President of LCBA, she organizes meetings, coordinates speakers, and relays information to the Oregon State Beekeepers Association—a group of mostly commercial beekeepers. Commercial bees are put on mono-crops when they need a variety of pollen in order to get protein. She maintains a small number of hives and ensures LCBA members’ bees are receiving a variety of proteins to keep their immune systems strong and ready to defend against Colony Collapse Disorder. Though researchers theorize these to be reasonable possibilities for CCD, the direct cause has yet to be isolated.
If honeybees disappear, eventually cherries, cucumbers, and even pumpkins will meet the same fate. They do, however, also agree that mankind has the ability to reverse this trend with more knowledge and a clearer rescue strategy. Commercial beekeepers have begun to supplement their hives with protein patties year round.
Operating several backyard hives of her own, Scher is an advocate for non-commercial beekeeping and honeybee education.

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