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Drummer Josh Garza of The Secret Machines performs during the Rothbury Music Festival at the Double JJ Ranch on July 5, 2008 in Rothbury, Michigan.
Seeing the transformation this group is bringing to nightclubs across the country, the question of what they would do with the budget of an arena tour is bound to be coming into question more and more frequently. Categories: 50mm Capsules, Vending Capsules Description Product EnquiryProduct Description50mm Capsule Vending PrizesCare Bears Secret Box.

The performance raced across the full spectrum of visual and auditory senses in a way that would give any cynicism-prone critic a run for their money. As if this wasn’t enough, the stage-schematic then utilizes 20 foot-tall scaffolding that surrounds the band with enough lighting to cause a mild epileptic seizure.

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