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About 7 years ago I made the decision that my mind was the most valuable asset God has given me and because of this, it became very critical what goes into it.
As a company we've given more than 25% of our profits to charitable causes for a long time.
Rather than giving any more opinions or ideas on this topic, it would be better served for our audience and anyone who finds this blog post, to see my suggestions for The Secret Millionaire and what they COULD have gotten at the grocery store!
Day Four: Eggs and Potatoes for breakfast again, or have pintos like the dinner on day two. Leer de lessen van de Secret Millionaire In deze krachtige workshop van 2,5 uur leer je van vastgoedinvesteerder, passieboer en miljonair Pieter Monsma de strategieen van de Secret Millionaire Kevin Green. Kevin is UK's grootste particuliere huizenbezitter, eigenaar van meer dan 100 bedrijven en protege van Richard Branson. Welk effect het heeft als je je investeringen als bedrijf gaat zienHoe je maandelijkse cashflows kunt verkrijgen met vastgoedinvesteringenWaarom je absoluut gebruik moet maken van de 5 C's en het 3 S-en model Bovendien kan je in aanmerking komen om 1 hele dag als VIP van Secret Millionaire Kevin Green zelf te leren. Je kunt nu als relatie van Beursbox kosteloos deelnemen aan de Lessons of a Secret Millionaire workshop (normale prijs €47) door op de knop Aanmelden hiernaast te klikken. It can take years to deprogram horrible belief systems, poverty, lack and all the other mindsets that exist on most of prime time TV. The first being that one of my mentors, Dani Johnson, was the first person on the shows premier episode.

Even as a single mother in the late 80's, I was giving a portion of the $5,000 per year that I was living on. Just a little common sense and direction, as you can see above, would have caused them to realize they could eat well, and they could eat RICH if they just gave it some thought! Can you imagine the ramifications of 'keeping up the image' it must take when building a company?
It has solid hard wood floors, beautiful granite countertops and it is way below our means. People aren't making judgements about what I do or how much I make, because very few in my community even know. Today, we live free and write articles on our website, empower people in business, lead 117 people in our coaching program and over a hundred thousand in our client base, to live free as well!
That, along with the fact that I enjoy my family and spending time with them, you won't find me propped up in front of a television if you came to my home.
You know, when someone is so proud of all they go without and all the things they horde and save on… that is poverty with a cloak over it! Dinner could be 1 piece of chicken, carrots, green peppers and onions,sautee' in butter and serve with fried cut up potatoes.
Would it be possible to find 6-figures in the company budget that could be given to helping charities with just a little prudence and care?

As well… hidden from their plain site, is the amazing fact that we give away more than the average person is making in a year!
It wasn't until we began making a ton of money with my businesses that it became painfully obvious that the more we MADE, the more we SPENT!
Having been in debt from the time I was 17 years old until I was 41, let me just say that this is the BIGGEST accomplishment I've ever achieved in my entire life! We live a very prosperous life, but we don't throw a ton of money out the door on a bunch of junk food.
OR, simmer can of chicken broth, add roasted tomatoes, leftover chicken, leftover steak, add a few cut up potatoes.
Surely, there are people living below poverty, which this show clearly portrays, but that is not who I am thinking of. It's almost as if they are whipped into this impoverished mindset, thinking that when you don't have a lot of money, you need to live on Ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly!

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