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WARNING: HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!After having piqued my curiosity for quite some time I finally decided to watch Fushigi no Umi no Nadia a couple of months ago. I immediately noticed that the Wunder and its crew was one giant love letter to Nadia and the neo-Nautilus, but there are many I never noticed, such as the avian silhouette or the lower bridge.And the connection between neo-NERV HQ and the Babel Towers are a great catch!
Avatar: THE HIGHEST OF ALL HIGHS WE AAAAAAAAAARE!!!Kensuke is a military otaku who, at one point, is shown creepily taking pictures of girls to sell. BlueBasilisk wrote:The Blue Water is able to power up Red Noah just by being near it, and the completed stone is able to lift not only Red Noah but a host of Garfish subs into the air.Isn't anyone else reminded of Unit 01 and the Wunder? How about the pilots at the end of Q are left alone to fend for themselves, much like the main characters in Nadia were stranded on the island? Arcadia's legacy wrote:How about the pilots at the end of Q are left alone to fend for themselves, much like the main characters in Nadia were stranded on the island?Electra's backstory might be a better match for this. Arcadia's legacy wrote:How about the pilots at the end of Q are left alone to fend for themselves, much like the main characters in Nadia were stranded on the island?4.44 confirmed to be the Rebuild's Island Arc! IronEvangelion wrote: Seriously though, this is a pretty cool thread and I wish I had found it sooner.
BlueBasilisk wrote: cute friendly animal mascot role You did not just call Beast Mode Unit 02 cute and friendly. The series centers around Nadia, a young girl of unknown origins, and Jean, a young French inventor. In the process, Nadia and Jean save the world from violent domination by the Neo-Atlantean forces led by Gargoyle, explore worldly mysteries and the powers of the blue pendant, uncover Nadia's hidden family ties, and ultimately discover the secret origins of Nadia.
Further down, they find that the walls are lined with the remains of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures who perished on the Blue Noah.
Early in the story, the two protagonists are chased by Grandis Granva, Sanson, and Hanson, a group of jewel thieves who pursue Nadia for the blue jeweled pendant she possesses. Though I really don't see any similarity between Nadia and that Wunder crew woman besides skin color, or between the N-Nautilus and the Wunder itself beyond they both have wings.
After being rescued by Captain Nemo and his submarine, the Super Sea Cruiser Nautilus, the jewel thieves and the young protagonists join forces and participate in the struggle against the Neo-Atlantean forces, who seek to dominate the world. I also really liked the Atlantian story much more than how humans just randomly became the 18'th angel.
However, apart from those references that consequently affect the Rebuild series, I was surprised to discover that there are a myriad of remarkable affinities unique to 3.0. Both are small but highly advanced groups with access to first-civilization tech who want to rebuild a lost empire by any means necessary (the empire in New NERV's case would be the old NERV).
Japanese entertainment usually doesn’t branch out to different ethnicities mainly because there’s no need for marketing their work in such as way; mostly other asian peoples will watch it anyway. Gotta say, the Garfish aren't so intimidating when you see them out of water in their full colors. Also, Gendo is sort of wearing a mask now (that visor thing that obscures his eyes), so some Gargoyle comparisons can be drawn there.The Wunder and the New Nautilus don't look much alike on the surface, no.

Part of the mask is cut away and it's fitted with a large provisional visor that takes up much of its face, just like the robot's visor-eye. But the launch sequence is very similar to the N-Nautilus, it shares the same theme song, and Kohji's Japanese voice actor also voiced Captain Nemo! The final helmet sports a smaller glowing visor and the twin horns and crests alter the Eva's outline so that its head has a three-pronged trident-like silhouette. In one of the interviews, he says he (jokingly) asked Anno if the Wunder also ran on an Orpheus Furnace like the Nautilus and Anno said Wille wouldn't use such outdated technology.
They possess a very powerful “particle annihilation engine” The AAA Wunder is an airborne ship. They even share similar dialogue, though Kaworu's is split up into different scenes across the movies.-The robot says it has been waiting for Nadia to appear and that her return signals the beginning of the revival of Atlantis. Asuka is also shown to have unusual strength for a person of her build, just like Sanson.Mari has a fair bit in common with Marie, the orphaned child Nadia and co adopt. It is stated that the Wunder was not entirely manufactured by humans, indicating that it was most likely created by the First Ancestral Race or their Rebuild's analogue. Though, to be transparent about it, both Eva and Nadia borrow from other religions constantly to make up their universe. Their first names are written with the same kanji (??), they have blue eyes, blue hairbands, pink outfits (though Marie's varies in color depending on the source), and cheerful, upbeat personalities.
Whereas Anno’s a smart dude who knew enough about these different religions to use them in an interestingly enough way in both of his works, it probably just follows within the same vein for him. The robot likewise tells Nadia that the revival of Red Noah and the Atlantean people will require the sacrifice of all life on the island's surface.-The robot believes Atlantis' revival is a goal that Nadia shares, and when it realizes Nadia's happiness lies elsewhere, it lets her go, it frees her from the ship and tells her the Blue Water will guide her to the answers she seeks.
They finally launch upwards with an enormous blast and destroy the enemy using their turrets. Kaworu thinks Instrumentality will bring Shinji the happiness he desires, and when he sees that he's wrong, he tries to stop the process and tells Shinji that fate will guide him to peace. And he believes that his ends justify the means too.Gargoyle was 100% pure dick, a mustache twirling villain with no redeeming traits at all.
During the age of wars between the Atlanteans the Noahs fell to Earth: one of them became the city of Atlantis, the Red Noah became some sort of an island, and above the Blue Noah, which crashed in central Africa, the city of Tartessos was built.
Nothing has ever been announced or even hinted at by any of the staff, but I always secretly wanted Nadia to be remade into 4 movies by Anno himself, with the ending he originally penned for the series back before NHK requested more episodes.
The Red Noah contains the gigantic “first human”, Adam, as well as various huge humongous mechas and dozens of spaceships.
Shinji is estranged from him and seesaws between wanting his approval and hating his guts for his callous attitude. Normally you'd expect Pen-pen to fill in the cute friendly animal mascot role, but look at some of the changes to Asuka in 3.0. Gendo shows open disdain for Seele's plans for humanity and wages secret war against them to eliminate their Evangelions, just as Nemo did with Gargoyle's ships.

That leads me to think, are there other Moons in the Rebuild universe apart from the Black and the White ones?
The Evas, specifically the special Units 01 and 13, serve as the analogues to Nadia and Nemo's Blue Water stones. Kitty-eared space helmet, cute kitty-eared cap, Unit 02's new beast mode is a giant lion or tiger-esque monster, and what does Mari call her most of the time? Misato's similarities to Captain Nemo have made me worry that she's going to sacrifice herself in the next movie to save the crew and stop Nerv, but after really mulling it over, I'm starting to think it will be Gendo who makes that sacrifice instead of Misato. Well, do you remember Bethany Base, the one in possession of the 3d angel and Nebuchadnezzar's Key, from 2.0? He could do it to save Shinji and Rei and fulfill the promise he made to Yui to take care of Shinji. It would also harken back to something Kaji said in 2.0 about Misato being saved by the father she despised. They are needed by Gargoyle to fulfill his plan of world domination and resurgence of the Atlantean empire. They even spend time on the Nautilus Wunder together.Now Mari and Asuka need to get married to complete the circle. The AAA Wunder confronts a series of Unit mk04 named “Nemesis Series”-The Babel Towers from Atlantis and Tartessos look very similar the New-Nerv Headquarters structure.
Eva 13's awakening stirs the New Nerv HQ into some kind of flight-enabled powered state just by its proximity, and it seemingly gives a power boost to the Garfish-like Vessel of Adams. The function of the Babel Towers is to communicate with the native world of the Atlanteans, but they can also be used as immensily destructive weapons.
Unit 01 demonstrates similar power when it lifts the Wunder and her entire support fleet and sails away with them.Here's where things get really curious. It is described as being red, purple, a transparent color somewhere between red and purple, and occasionally white. If we take into account the multiple analogies I proposed, I think it's reasonable to speculate that a similar ending could take place in 4.0 Could Gendo and Fuyutsuki use the Key of Nebuchadnezzar to take control over the Black Moon in order to carry out the Human Complementation Project?
If Kaworu is to be believed, they can also transform Lilith-based life into Fruit of Life beings. Through the Curse of Eva and through absorption like Yui and Rei experienced, the Evas provide youth, longevity and possibly even biological immortality. The Evas can even create clones or homunculi like a philosopher's stone, as seen with the FoI and the various Reis made out of the 10th and 12th Angels' cores.Who knows how many other references there could be?

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