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An often overlooked and misunderstood concept, true authentic gratitude which arises out of one’s own genuine joy of being is a skeleton key which unlocks large-scale synchronicity and reality shifting experiences. Gratitude, in its broadest sense, is akin to being deeply thankful for everything in your life.
Lower-level gratitude includes things like being thankful for your house, your car, your cabinets being full, etc.
If your entire mode of being, happiness, and reality is conditional on your car running and your cabinets being full – then your reality is very unstable, and the exact opposite of unconditional. If you’re truly unconditional, you could lose everything you have right now and see no issue with starting over, because the journey and “playing the game” of life is in itself a reward.
The above might sound very counterintuitive, but this is literally the attitude that generates abundance across all levels of experience.
Because of this, having gratitude not only “frees you up” to become engaged in more action, but it also creates the necessary “vibe” to begin attracting all sorts of crazy synchronistic events into your reality.
Your attitude changes your reality, because your reality is comprised of the results you experience.
By becoming thankful for what you already have, you’ll begin interacting with your environment in an entirely different way. This new way is precisely what unlocks both super-conscious (appearing out of nowhere at the perfect time) and general daily synchronicity (your day just flowing perfectly). All matter (and consequently our entire physical reality) is all on one frequency, hence why we experience, interact with, and observe it as such.
Gratitude, especially in its most genuine form, has a vibratory signature that’s very close to unconditional love. Because of this, it “attracts” experiences which “resonate” within its particular frequency. The reason you experience more synchronistic events when you occupy even a lower-level stage of happiness, is because you’re experiencing temporary congruency with values that you genuinely harbor. This is through the attraction of experiences via your genuine values, all there to empower you toward increasing your present level of being, and thus reinforcing this entire function. Conditioning is not only a trap, it’s also a misdirect, and in a way a red herring fallacy. At this point, it’s also important to mention that you can never, ever “cheat” or “fool” the universe by attempting to temporarily adopt a particular vibration unauthentically. People (attempt to) do this all the time, and the results typically involve a hilarious “bitch slap” from the universe. You cannot mirror the external qualities of someone who’s generating abundance in their life and expect the same results. This is analogous to wanting to emulate the construction of a house, and starting with the shingles.
This is precisely what a good 90% of Law of Attraction subscribers do, and this is also why the LoA gets such a bad wrap.

Again, we’re shown over and over that only authenticity of being “activates” the progress-driven elements of the universe in which we are embedded.
Synchronicity is awarded to those who don’t sit around waiting for synchronicity to appear before they get stared.
In order to start increasing the presence of beneficial synchronicity in your life, it’s imperative to begin understanding what constitutes authentic gratitude. In its purest form, gratitude will fill you with just as much wonder and excitement as it does thanks.
It actually becomes a self-sabotaging chore to convince yourself that you should be grateful for something you could care less about.
Would you keep giving candy to a kid who doesn’t say thank you, or even enjoys the candy you’ve already given him? Would you care for a kid who abuses his freedoms by poisoning himself because he feels that “life is unfair”, and he’ll “never have enough candy to be happy”? Now, we all know that this was just an example – but how can you be thankful for circumstances that are less than optimal in relation to your actual goals, aspirations, and desires? The answer lies in becoming progressively more conscious of the differences between authentic and conditioned gratitude.
Their level of happiness and gratitude depends entirely upon their ability to acquire more and more material toys and gadgets.
When your level of “thanks” is entirely conditional on your ability to secure material means, then your level of gratitude will likewise be conditional. However, when you strive beyond your basic needs, and consciously embrace the sheer wonder and excitement of the values already present within you (separate and independent of your conditioning) – you allow magic to happen.
Learning to allow is one of the greatest lessons people come to realize when they start dismantling and dissolving the poisons of Western mental conditioning. If you live a circular life of working and consuming, then your level of personal motivation is probably pretty low. As a result, you experience incongruency in various ways throughout the different areas of your life.
You’ll notice that such people have very little motivation to take action, because their entire world is tethered to variables outside of their control.
They have very little reason to feel excited about life, because what little joy they are able to extract is temporary at best and self-destructive (escapism) at worst.
This is not a sustainable path, yet millions of people reinforce this lifestyle as being “successful”. You literally have no business anywhere doing any work that does not genuinely inspire you. You belong somewhere else, applying your genuine values in a way that lets YOU do a better job of expressing your unique skills and strengths. As with most “higher” principles, gratitude is often misplaced, misapplied, then thrown out with the bathwater.

People who display gratitude are even sometimes viewed as “weak” or “spiritually dependent”. Notice how all of these negative objections almost always originate from people and groups who behave and perpetuate unauthentic action. Almost everyone who gives you a hard time or experiences a bad mood is experiencing incongruency with themselves on some level.
It may not be as severe as dealing with authentic gratitude, but the same principle of authenticity still applies to things like relationships and social lives.
Eventually, you reach a point where gratitude teaches you so much about being unconditional in your approach to life, that you start to see everything as relative. I help people overcome deep mental and emotional blocks, redefine obstacles, and transform perceived problems into genuine opportunities for personal advance and growth. I invite, assist, and guide others on how to get in touch with this level of self-resonance and transform their lives.
Therefore, it would be wise to become progressively more conscious of what station you’re currently inhabiting. This is because you’re not authentically broadcasting the same exact combinations of frequencies that they are. While it’s good to be grateful for the things which keep us safe and entertained, some people never, ever experience true unconditional gratitude. Nothing is more a failure than a man who is deemed successful by his peers, yet remains as empty and unfulfilled as he was twenty years prior. You find yourself becoming genuinely interested in improving the other areas of your life by aligning with your authentic values. I'm Jason, and I'm a consciousness coach, guided meditation practitioner, writer, and speaker.
My highest passion is explaining concepts of consciousness, growth, and empowerment to individuals in an effort to assist them on their life growth paths.
Life then transforms from a maze of illusions into an open playground for self-exploration and growth. Putting my passion into service to assist others is the highest expression and manifestation of my true, core self. You are destined to grow in the process of this unfolding and we are here to give homage along your way. This group explores life through movies, guest speakers, and discussions in a wonderful setting of like-minded individuals. Here on Expanded Consciousness you'll find inspiring stories, insightful information, and a forum to contribute to the advancement of other visitors.

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