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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Teenage Crunk-chuggers also display more a€?risk-orienteda€? and a€?sensation-seekinga€? behavior than the rest of their classmatesa€”so pretty much the cool kids and the burnouts.Theya€™re the ones who try Salvia for the rest of us and snort Smarties so we dona€™t have to. So ita€™s no surprise that these pimply thrill-seekers could be onto something when it comes to energy drinks. Besides the heart-throttling levels of caffeine and sugar, just look at the virtual medicine chest of exotic, unregulated, plant-based ingredients that pervade todaya€™s popular energy brands.
These herbal potions offer a variety of semi-medicinal, completely not-approved-by-the-FDA benefits like stress reduction and increased blood flow to the groin, plus a high to rival whatevera€™s in the average adolescent bong.

In the interest of good health and maybe child safety (?), we present the weirdest shit theya€™re putting in energy drinks these days. Glycerol ester of wood rosin is extract from pine trees thata€™s mixed with glycerol, a sugar compound. OzA show, schisandra berry is a a€?healing treasurea€? that improves liver processing and cardiovascular function and stops premature aging. Quercetin, a so-called flavanoid that gives plants their colors, is known to literally swell your blood vessels so that they can better soak up the caffeine you put in your body.
FRS touts the antioxidant as aA a€?super fuel,a€?A but the University of Maryland Health Center researchers a€?arena€™t surea€? about that.

The antioxidant inside of it, silymarin, may treat some liver diseases, diminish hangovers and treat diabetes. The chemical comes from a dainty periwinkle plant called the Vinca minora€”something RedLine doesna€™t exactly shout about onA its website, which features scarily muscular men with chest tattoos modeling their strength (and boosted energy!).

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