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Here's a starting tip: As soon as you can, open the menu and go to Status, then press Triangle. Another scene, then exit to the right and enter the rightmost house; it belongs to Mayor Regis (no, not Philbin). First go to the inn at the top left; a scene will play out and you'll be all rested up in the morning when you're done.
Go down the lower left staircase, then right a bit and up into the central room (the armory). The other chests in the room have 700 FOL, a Heart Barriers, and a Green Beryl (fairly useless right now).
Your next destination is Clik, but if you want to get some Pickpocket stuff (and you SHOULD, since you can't pickpocket Clik after you finish with the bit here) you'll want to take a side trip to Herlie (all the way east) to pick up some more Skills from the Skill Guild. If you have the pickpocket ability like I said, go into a Private Action and filch from Filia in the Fountain Plaza (west of the first screen) to get a Mischief, an AWESOME item which gives random items and FOL as you walk around. First, getting treasure: The first house near the bottom of the screen has a Lyre, and the restaurant (first door on the second screen) has three chests with cooking ingredients at the left. First go to the elder's house (leftmost house in the left screen, at the top of the screen) for a longish scene.
Head left for a chest with some Smelling Salts, then right for your third and last group of Bandits. Go up at the crossroads to pick up an Aquaberry and an Iron at the top right, then go all the way left to pick up a Golden Earring, then go back down to re-enter the room you were in before (but on the left side instead of the right side).
Go back to Cross, heal up and buy necessary stuff (buy about six or seven Blackberries, at least), then you're off to your next destination, Lassguss Mountain.
You get different items to use in battle, but since you won't be controlling Claude, and he won't use items by himself, it won't matter much. Head up the right exit from the Coliseum pre-entry area, then go to the top right to get to the north side of the arena. Leave the screen and come back; when you reach the middle, you'll watch Dias beat the tar out of an Ogre. Go back to the weapon shop that sponsored Claude and you'll get a set of all the items you fought with, as well as 6500 FOL. Assuming you've seen the Opera scene, get on a boat back to the Cross continent and go into the castle. Room 7: Top chest (lower level) is a Straight Punch, lower one (upper level) is a Twin-Edge. Go to the top right and exit to the right to reach room 7 again, but this time on top of the ledge.
If you have Opera in your party and want Ernest, go back to Arlia, enter a PA, and talk to her on the roof of the elder's house.
You can do two PAs in Herlie involving a boy named Yul; by now you should be strong enough to beat the boss at the end easily. Publishing: You need everyone to learn the Authoring Specialty, and at least one person to learn Machinery.
Don't worry about the exact positioning of the lines and boxes; instead look at the direction of the lines to tell you which way to go. These guys are pretty damn tough; they cast Thunderstorm and have amazingly high evade stats. You'll lose control of your characters for quite a while until you enter a battle with three Stonestatues.
Head to the upper right teleporter to find another save point; save then go up to fight Shin. Whilst waiting for an appointment today, I picked up a glossy magasine and flicked through pages and pages of beautiful celebrities, who seem to be defying the ageing process. Well firstly, I always tell patients who want to get healthy that they can make up for lost time. So brushing Botox and Plastic surgery options to one side, here are my Top Ten Tips to Staying Young the Natural Way.
Studies show that high stress levels can cause physical changes in the body that can accelerate ageing. Doing regular exercise not only helps us to lose weight but it can also boost our mood, keep our hearts healthy and improve our brainpower. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding dehydration is important for our physical well-being.
It is a well-known fact that sugar is bad for our waistline and increases our risk of heart disease and Diabetes. Omega 3 Fatty Acids, found in many foods including Salmon, nuts and seeds, can help reduce our ‘Bad fats and Total Cholesterol’ levels, reduce our risk of heart disease, boost our mood and brain power and keep us looking younger for longer. Some sunlight is good for us; it produces Vitamin D, which is needed for healthy bones and immune system. Although this was released as a single, the song didn’t generate much buzz when it came out. You can search the music lyrics easily, watch the music videos directly, and share your feelings bravely.
If you're interested at all in Pickpocketing (you should), see if Rena has the Dexterity talent. For starters, go back inside your house (bottom left) and go upstairs to pick up a Blackberry. Alen-Tax has a mere 400 HP and is a total wimp; plus you'll have Rena for this fight to heal you if you get tired.
Don't bother buying anything at the jewelry store, but pick up a Leather Helm and Leather Greaves at the weapon shop.
Buy a Broad Sword, Banded Helm, Banded Mail, and Iron Greaves for Claude, and get Boots for Rena. There's a passage downwards here inside a little indentation in the southern wall towards the right end of the screen. See the Strategies section for how to make quick cash and build up skills to be able to pickpocket the people in Clik.
Stop by the weapon shop and buy a Sinclair Sabre, Hard Knuckles, Round Shield, and Iron Greaves and give them to Claude and Rena.
First is back at Ketil's house (where you found the Lyre); second is in the restaurant (talk to the manager, then the cook. The Magiuses (Magiae?) have only 20 HP, but if they appear in a large group they can cast Starlight together and totally wallop your ass (magic is the only thing that can really harm Dias at this point).
Now try to leave the village and one last scene will play out, after which Celine will rejoin. Still, he's got some good moves and is quite fast - not to mention you now have a full party!
First continue northwest to room 3, then northwest again to room A, which has a ?HERB (Artemis Leaf). Her worst move is casting Magnum Tornado, and if Claude and Ashton keep hammering away at her she won't have a chance to cast it. Don't worry too much about buying any equipment, as you'll be getting that in spades pretty soon, and before you reach your next dungeon. Head to the far left of town and up the stairs to see a scene with Gamgee's granddaughter, Suphia.
Talk to either of your party members to initiate a scene wherein you'll see Dias shred the daylights out of a Shielder.
Leave again and come back and you'll see the finals match between Claude and Dias, which Dias will win.
Ask the king about the three-eyed woman and he'll give you 10,000 FOL as well as a pass to the Mountain Palace.
Take the first north to room F, which has an Amber Robe (give to whoever doesn't have the other one), Crest Rod (for Celine), and a ?MINERAL which turns out to be a Damascus. There are two you can find: Clarisage (it's found in several places, actually) or Dill Whip. Take the stairs to your right to pick up a Might Chain (right from this is a Rose Hips and a dead end, which isn't worth checking out). You'll get a different reaction depending on whether you got the Clarisage or Dill Whip, but the end result is the same: he'll tag along with you. First off, go and do all the Private Actions you want (on both the Continents of Lacour and Cross - it only costs 30 FOL per person to cross back and forth).
Authoring is very easy to level up, since it only relies on one Skill (Writing) and you can get that up to level 7 within 10 SP, assuming you have max Perseverance.
On the southern screen will be a scholar dressed in white named Raddle, who wants to find the way to Herlie.
All of them will damage your party nastily, but one of them will also open a new passage (I'll tell you which one to do).
If Celine knows Thunderstorm, have her use it; have Rena use Ray or Light Cross if she knows them. Head to the lower left into Room R; ignore the lever and keep going to pick up a Sour Syrup and ?HERB (Artemis Leaf).
To your right is an armory where you can buy stuff; don't bother, though, because you won't be in any major fights before you can pick this stuff up for free. You can buy tools from the strangely-speaking man here, but the main stuff can be found in the walls.
The Magiuses now can cast Thundercloud (over 1000 damage to the whole party), some enemies can use Cure All, the Defenders can again only be hit from the back; the Darthwidows have a huge amount of HP and deadly long-range attacks (plus they can teleport), and of course there's the Coldlizard, the Salamander's older brother, with all of the problems it had (well, it turns you to stone instead of paralyzing you) plus DOUBLE the HP. Have fighters on "Stay away from the enemy!", put Celine on "Do nothing", and control Rena personally to use Cure Light (don't bother reviving people with Resurrection Bottles).
I have no doubt that many of these have had a helping hand from a talented plastic surgeon but I also believe that some celebrities, like J Lo for example, have actually turned to a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle programme, to keep them looking young and beautiful.
And how can these celebrities, famous for their partying and wild ways, still look so great, the natural way? When stressed we produce high levels of hormones such as Adrenaline and Cortisol, which can increase our Blood pressure and place our hearts under stress, weaken our immune systems and lead to conditions such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.

One study from UCLA suggests that walking just ten minutes a day can reduce our risk or Alzheimer’s disease by up to 40%.
Water also hydrates our skin, improves its elasticity, reduces wrinkles and gives us a glowing complexion.
These chemical compounds act as a defense against the free radicals that can accelerate ageing. We also know that too much sugar can speed up the body’s ageing process and make our skin look older.
The Polyphenol Epigallocatechin gallate (ECGG) is a super antioxidant abundant in green tea.
Overexposure to the sun is not so good; it can result in free radical damage, breaking down the collagen in our skin, causing drying, wrinkling, pigmentation and premature ageing. When we are happier our body produces endorphins and serotonin that make us feel good, reduce our stress levels, lower our Blood Pressure and boost our immunity.
The three chests in front of the general store hold a Leather Armor, 200 FOL, and a Resurrection Bottle. You can't go any further left here (right, like you'd be able to beat a dragon with a Long Sword) so go back right one screen. You'll see a chest with a Lavender, but to actually pick it up you have to circle up a bit and around.
Go left (save again if you wish), then down twice, then right, then down all the way to exit.
Buy a Magical Hat, Cestus, and Suede Boots and equip them on Rena, and buy a few Blackberries for good measure. Dias is insanely powerful at this point in the game, and most of their attacks (and everyone else's in the forest) will do zero damage! Keep going left to the next screen and you'll meet a patch of mud; you have to equip the Mud Boots to get past it.
Head into Eleanor's house (top left of the second screen) and go up to the second floor to get a Ring of Sadness.
Save your game, then go right to see a scene with Ashton, who gets possessed by the dragons. Now go to the jewelry store and buy Ruby Earrings and Necklaces until your money's mostly gone (make sure you have at least 2000 FOL, though). First head right and follow it until you reach Room E, which has a large tablet and two chests, which hold a Fairy's Statue and Emerald Ring. She seems to be very good at avoiding attacks, but she can't use any of her moves while she's doing so.
Talk to the lower receptionist to learn that the king won't take any appointments till after the Tournament.
First off, you can pick up a Star Ruby in here (go up to the throne room, right, up the stairs, left, and into the first door up to get it).
Buy Silver Greaves, Plate Helms, and Bucklers from Counterpunch, Long Edge (if you can) and Twin-Edge (if you have Ashton) from Knockout, and a Knight's Shield from Straight (if you chose any of these and won, you'll already have one of almost everything sold there, so you only need to get the other shops' wares). The enemies in the Mountain Palace shouldn't be too difficult, but you can go back to Lacour and buy some new equipment if you like. We eventually have to reach room G, but since the "bosses" aren't very tough, I'll just give you the shortest method to get all the treasure (including room G) and leave.
She's a welcome addition; she's quite fast and her Flame Thrower tech can deal some major damage to some of the enemies here. Head back out of this room and continue right; follow until you reach room G, which has a Fairy's Cologne, Damascus, and a Wolfsbane. Dill Whip is rarer and can only be found deeper into the cave, but I have no clue if having it instead of Clarisage makes any difference at all. Black denotes the upper level and blue denotes the lower level; green denotes stairways which connect the two levels. Go left again to see a Clarisage; keep going to the top right to reach room 5 again, but the top part of it. The enemies are quite a bit tougher - or, I should say, one enemy is tougher, the Salamander. If you have the Recoil Bracelet from the Hoffman Ruins, give it to a fighter; it's effective. First go straight up for a bunch of chests with a Meteor Ring (great!), X Box, Holy Mist, Stone Check, and Steel Helm. Now enter the large clearing, where you'll see a scene (obviously, you can see the whole thing when you're playing as Claude). Your spellcaster and other fighter can probably beat the Stonestatues easily (they're wimps); concentrate on Shin. Berle gets confused easily; he'll chase after one character, who can easily avoid him since he's so slow.
Research suggests that people who engage in unhealthy lifestyles, who haven’t crossed the line and suffered from irreversible health consequences, can change their future if they leave behind bad habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, restrict caffeinated drinks to 1-2 per day and avoid fizzy and sugary drinks. Vitamin C (Oranges, Grapefruits, and Tomatoes), Vitamin E (Avocados, almonds) and Carotenoids (Apricots, Mangoes, Spinach, and Broccoli) neutralise toxins and boost our immune system as well as helping to prevent ageing. Without good sleep our immune systems weaken, our brain function slows and our appearance suffers, dark circles appear under our eyes, we get poor skin, wrinkles and outbreaks. It helps with cellular rejuvenation, aids healing and is also thought to speed up metabolism as well as helping to keep our brains sharper as we get older. The Leather Armor will be automatically equipped on Rena; if you know anything at all about RPGs, you shouldn't need this feature. The way down is blocked by soldiers (and just leads back to town), so keep going left to pick up a Blueberry and a Silver, which raises defense by 1, so equip it. It lowers defense against Elemental magic, but also raises Hit and Critical rate, and since no one casts magic quite yet, go ahead and equip it. It's largely symmetrical, so you can swap the directions I give you here (turn right into left and vice versa). Take the left path again, and follow it to the next screen for an Artemis Leaf and a Sweet Syrup. Now go back up and right and you'll see the blue-haired menace by the warehouse to the right of the weapon shop.
When you come to, talk to the captain again (he'll give you your Passport back), then start walking up the steps you see. If one or more of them starts spinning around (or casts Fireball), have Rena cast Ray; otherwise, just have Dias go after them. Look for a slightly hard-to-see passage up, which leads to an Amber Robe (give it to Celine).
Roof's and buy her a Ruby Wand, Magical Hat, and Suede Boots (you should already have a Silk Robe).
And in Zand's mansion (all the way north), go right twice to get a Leather Boots and 1200 FOL, then go right again, up the stairs, and left to enter a room with Ringed Mail and a Sinclair Sabre. Rest up, purchase needed items (buy a few Cure Stones if you can, even though they're expensive) and head ALL the way back to the Mountain Palace.
However, since you get to keep a copy of all the items you equipped, you'll get more bang for your buck if you choose Knockout.
Before you do, though, head back to Gamgee's house and talk to him to get the Sharp Edge sword, an extremely important weapon! The start of the battle is pretty tough; long-range techs like Head Splitter and Flame Launcher will do the best damage.
In any case, to advance the story, go straight to the right and enter the upper right house (next to the co-op). Once you've gotten one of the rare herbs, the other ones turn into common herbs like Lavender and Rose Hips. There's another Clarisage inside the skeleton to the lower right; ignore it if you're this far already. Save at the save point (yay!) and keep going into a large cavern with (surprise!) a boss fight against three Visseyers. Each character can write up to two different books, which you can sell at the editor's for 2000 FOL (if you use Identify All! Leon's mother has a precious Erlenmeyer Flask, and the little girl in the throne room has a Jack-in-the-box.
This guy has 6000 HP, can practically destroy one or more characters with his breath, can paralyze people, has a high evade stat, and to top it off, usually comes in pairs.
Press the lever in Room D (yep, this is the one) then immediately cast Cure All to heal up. Put Rena and two fighters in your party, then head to the top right (where you talked to Claude before) to enter your first timed boss fight. 8-) So put everyone on attack mode, and control the spellcasters manually to run into the bastard to make the battle go faster.
The glass man you see gives you a hint for a very easy puzzle coming up, but I'll tell you the answer soon. Go to the top right to end up in the middle chamber; pick up the Gale Earring (great for Opera or, later, Chisato), then go to the top right to finish the level.
Drinking too much alcohol is not only bad for our livers and brains but can also dehydrate us, so keep within the healthy limits 14 units and below per week for a female and 21 units and below per week for a male. Try to regulate your sleep patterns and aim for 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. His vocals on the chorus provide a very nice contrast to that of Ronald Isley and I think that’s a reason I really like this song. Go back into the house and talk to him for a longish scene, and you'll wind up upstairs in his house. Also, go down to the peddler to stock up on Blue and Blackberries if you really need them (you shouldn't). Go right, but this time take the top right path instead of bottom right (it saves a bit of time) to reach a room with a Cure Poison.

There'll be a scene, then the kid will give you back your money and start showing you around. Go to the back of the Elder's house for a Sour Syrup, Silence Card, and Purple Mist accessory, and go to Celine's house (the rightmost house in the village). If Rena casts Ray at the same time as they cast Starlight, it'll amplify their spell and you're screwed! Just left of the save point is a hard-to-see passage down, which leads to a Flame Blade; Dias has one already. Be sure to buy any skills you don't have, but none of the equipment is better than the stuff you got off Dias.
At the next crossroads, down is a dead end, you'll find another Brigandine upwards, and left is the way onwards. Examine the bookcase to the north (not west) and pick the third option to learn about what you have to do.
You'll now hit a long path of one-way rooms; one of the rooms has a ?JEWELRY (Shiny Earring) and a Resurrection Bottle, and a second one has a Cure Stone and Sweet Syrup. Some Cure Stones would be nice in case Rena gets petrified, and bring lots of Blackberries.
The Slimepools are weaklings; use Shooting Star or Burst Knuckle at short range to hit them before they can move. Have both fighters attack the same lizard (set the strategy to "Attack with all MP!"); once it goes down you can sandwich the remaining one between your fighters.
If you manage to do so, sell them to the editor at the far east side of Lacour; they'll come in handy much later on. Take the first left to get a Cure Stone, then go back and take the second left to get a Recoil Bracelet. My recommendation is to not venture into the tower until your average level is at least 40. The study, published in Nature Communications, found that young blood could heal broken bones and even enabled scientists to conjoin the circulatory systems of pairs of mice in a process called parabiosis. Going right (the passage below the door, that is) leads backwards, so head left for a Spectacles. Go upstairs and into the top left room to pick up a Portrait B (don't bother trying to Use it), and talk to Alen to get a Ring of Happiness. She starts at Level 8 (probably way higher than either of the two heroes), and her current magic is useful for the immediate present (since the enemies are usually too slow to outrun it). Go up again for a room with two visible chests (with a ?MINERAL and Lavender) and one invisible one, hidden at the top of the black stone thingy in the middle of the room. Go left again, then down past the red-carpet-looking thing into a room with a Cure Poison and Blackberry.
Although it's optional, I'd say go for it, because the bosses give great EXP and FOL and aren't all that tough. They're weak, so don't bother equipping them until you need to (when you come across some mud in the Forest). Other than that, the Stingrays might be annoying because they're so hard to hit (Crescent Wave is useful), but keep on truckin'. Azamgil is actually easier than the four Shielders he brings with him, even though he has more HP. Talk to the guy at the lower left and Suphia will move; talk to all three guys at the top left and she'll move again. Even if he doesn't win, he'll win the backup round or whatever it's called, and end up fighting Dias anyway. Now go back to the pharmacy (one screen up, then to the top left), enter it, and speak to Bowman. This cavern is HUGE, so you'll be fighting a lot (which is good, because if you have Precis she starts way back at Level 15). You can go to the lower-left here to eventually get to a Rainbow Diamond and a Clarisage (if you get it, you can't get the Dill Whip; your choice). When you win, pick up the three chests for a Cinderella Glass, a ?GUARD which turns out to be a Rune Buckler, and a Spring Water.
If you have Pickpocket at a high level, you definitely want to steal from your party members!
At the top left here is a Zephyr Earring; at the top right is an Orichalcum, and at the bottom right is a 1-up Pudding and a Gold. Head left (it's a bit hard to see) into Room N, which has a Dictionary and a Cure Paralysis. You can now go back to Linga to see some more Private Actions, or go on to the front lines (northeast of Hilton; at the very edge of the continent).
Now head left to the open space, left again (you can buy more stuff here, tools and suchlike), up twice, then to the far right to see a scene. Your goal is directly east, although to actually enter the tower you have to go to the south side of it. You can level up outside (the enemies are the same as inside the tower) and rest in Eluria Colony.
Pick up the Crestier Guard and ?GUARD (it's a Core Plate, a great piece of armor) at the top left, and the Fresh Syrup at the top right. It was previously believed that a blood-borne molecule called GDF-11 circulates throughout blood was the fountain of youth.
Go down a bit and left (the passage is a bit hard to see, but saves you a bit of walking around). If you change your mind, just walk back into the room and he'll force himself into your party.
The Slimepools are weaklings; use Shooting Star at short range to hit them before they can move.
If he manages to use his Master Attack, he can drain most of the HP from one or both of your fighters, so have Rena use Cure All when that happens (she probably will by herself, though). After the scene, Dias will temporarily join your party (so if you haven't de-equipped him of anything yet, you get another chance.) Head back to Gamgee's house and talk to Suphia again, then go back to the bar.
Your next task is to enter the Sanctuary of Linga, straight across from Linga on the world map. Go up the stairs near the herb to reach room 3; go down, and take the right at the bottom to return to room 1.
Now cross to the port of Hilton and go one screen east; he's there again (doofus!) Tell him to take the return ship to Herlie.
Go back right to M and to the top left and you're back at Room A; go to the top left to exit. There IS a door to the left; go through it to get three awesome items: Musical Software, Crestier Guard (good shield), and Trickster! Herbs like Rose Hips and Aceras will be fairly plentiful throughout the game, but they're useless for actual HP recovery; they're used in the Compounding Specialty.
If he gets in either way, head to the right where the dragon used to be to pick up a Star Ruby and a Diamond. When you try to enter, you'll trigger a hilariously easy battle against three Armedknights, after which you'll get the Sharpness sword. The enemies aren't too tough (Ashton, Opera, and Precis are great against the bunnies; use Rena's Dispel when you fight the slimes, and don't use any of Ashton's techs against the wolves or werewolves, as they go very fast.
Take the ship yourself and enter the inn; he's in the first room in the west wing, and he'll give you the Funny Slayer. Give the latter to anyone not in the main fighting party and you'll keep randomly picking up great items!
The fight will be long, but if your levels are in the low 40s at least, you shouldn't have much trouble.
Another study published in the journal Cell Metabolism found that as mice aged, they had more of this molecule circulating in the bloodstream.
You can shop at the general store; buy two or three Blueberries and a single Sandals to equip on Rena. Rena's Ray can help again, but keep her for healing as much as possible, and try to stop the enemies from ganging up on her. Opera's techs are sort of lacklustre until she gets Alpha on One, so watch out for her.) Watch out for the lady's Black Saber spell, as well.
A scene will play out, after which you'll get a Link Combo and Leon will temporarily join your party.
And when researchers injected aging mice with this molecule, their muscles repaired themselves more slowly. Other studies like one published in the journal Nature Medicine found that young blood recharged the brains of older mice. Rena joins your party, and the two scenarios now coincide for the vast remainder of the game.
Researchers ran mice through standard laboratory tests after they received an infusion of plasma from young mice. They did much better on the tests than older mice without young blood coursing through their veins.
A study published in the journal Nature, showed the brains of older mice looked more like younger mice brains after being exposed to young blood. Neurons in their hippocampi were better at forming connections, which suggests they were better at learning and memory.All these studies so far have been on mice, but researchers are already trying to see what happens in humans. In October 2014, researchers at Stanford University gave transfusions of blood plasma donated by people under 30 to older volunteers with mild to moderate Alzheimer's. The results haven't been processed yet, but if it's as promising as the mice experiments, this could be a breakthrough for Alzheimer's patients.

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