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Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. You might not know this from the first issue, which is a comic that echoes big cataclysmic disaster movies, but with a dour twist. Marvel's "Secret Wars" — the ambitious miniseries that ended the Marvel Universe as we know it — shouldn't be any good.
Of course, this could all fall apart at any time — we do have all summer ahead of us — but so far, the comics have delivered. The good news is that Scott, now an acclaimed coach for companies likeA Twitter, Shyp, Rolltape, and Qualtrics, has spent years distilling her experiences into some simple ideas you can use to help the people who work for you love their jobs and do great work. The single most important thing a boss can do, Scott has learned, is focus on guidance: giving it, receiving it, and encouraging it. To illustrate radical candor in action, Scott shared a story about a time her boss criticized her.
For all of us raised in a culture that preaches,A "If you can't say something nicea€¦", that criticism might not sound soA nice.
In the years since, Scott has worked to operationalize what it was that made Sandberg such a great boss.
To help teach radical candor a€” this all-important but often neglected skill a€” to her own teams, Scott boiled it down to a simple framework: Picture a basic graph divided into four quadrants. From inviting recent New York transplant Scott to join her book group, to encouraging her to take time off to care for a sick relative, Sandberg didn't just invest in her professionally, but showed she truly cared about her.
That's right, the horizontal axis is what Scott calls the "willing to piss people off" axis. I would argue that criticizing your employees when they screw up is not just your job, it's actually your moral obligation. Radical candor, then, results from a combination of caring personally and challenging directly. But if you're wondering whether it's worth it, you need only consider the alternatives a€” the other three quadrants of that graph. It's a quadrant she's spent some time in herself, leading to what she describes as the worst moment of her career. It was one of the biggest mistakes Scott made as a boss, and she quickly learned from it a€” for her own good, and to help spare future employees from the same painful situation. By trying to play shuttle diplomacy, I created exactly the kind of toxic political environment that I was trying to avoid. If she had it to do over, she would have insisted that these colleagues speak with each other directly about their conflict first a€” before involving her. The process is straightforward: First, let your managers know that you'll be scheduling a meeting with their direct reports. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of the meeting, Scott has two key recommendations: Take the notes yourself a€” don't farm that task out a€” and send them to the manager in question as soon as the meeting is over. To prevent the meeting from devolving into a gripe session, force the team to prioritize issues. She got pretty religious about it, running around the reservoir near her New York apartment every morning. These are where you might get frustrated if said miniseries isn’t a story that excites you.

As that last bit indicated, almost the entire point of event comics is trying to convince readers to buy even more comics, and there’s no better way to do that then launching new series. They are their own worst enemies, and some very good creators have done some of their worst work thanks to the demands of event comics. A lot of times, publishers will use these big events to take chances on new creators, assigning them a tie-in book.
Once you understand the utter scope of an event comic, you wonder how anyone can tell a good story under such constraints and editorial juggling, and why they keep happening. It’s an introduction to Battleworld, the patchwork planet that is what remains of the Marvel Universe. It’s a thrilling action story where literally anyone can die, but also profoundly sad at its core. In fact, the odds of it being any good are somewhere in the upper limits of "impossible." Why's that?
The publisher (usually Marvel or DC) will then promote the tie-in by roping in a number of its popular series somehow, having the heroes of each book either dealing with the fallout of the miniseries or embarking on a tangential adventure that somehow relates to events going on in the miniseries. A lot of these events introduce some sort of status quo change to the Marvel Universe: A hero dies, a regime changes, a conspiracy is revealed — stuff like that. If they weren’t stories about superheroes, controlled by corporate masters and motivated by sales, they’d be hailed as avant-garde experimental works.
Then, as a long-time director at Google, she studied how the company's leaders created an environment where the joy that people took in their work felt almost tangible.
Guidance, which is fundamentally just praise and criticism, is usually called "feedback," but feedback is screechy and makes us want to put our hands over our ears.
She talked about the things she'd liked about the presentation and how impressed she was with the success the team was having a€”A yet Scott could feel a "but" coming.
If the vertical axis is caring personally and the horizontal axis is challenging directly, you want your feedback to fall in the upper right-hand quadrant. Challenging others is difficult for many people; saying anything short of positive feels impolite. Radical candor requires you to undo the "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all" training that's been beaten into your head since you learned how to talk. But after nearly a year, she realized that Bob's weak performance was impacting her whole team a€” and she was in danger of losing several top performers as a result. Scott urges managers to go so far as to print out the quadrant system, post it near their desks, and explain what it means to their teams. But that means more than squelching obviously political or passive aggressive behavior; bosses also need to avoid acting as well-meaning but ultimately harmful go-betweens. Only if that route were exhausted would she have become involved, and then only with both parties present.
Get them comfortable with the idea, and make it clear that this meeting is intended to be helpful to them.
Now it's the boss's turn to be specific about concrete ways that they can address the team's concerns. Then one day, during a particularly difficult time at work, there was a big storm, lightning, hail and all.
These events are often used as a springboard for more comics, this time in the form of a brand-new series that will carry on (hopefully) long after the event concludes.

Sometimes, all those spinoffs and shake-ups result in genuinely exciting creative teams doing something different and innovative with an old character.
Multiple interconnected narratives explored in separate streams and presented in different visual styles, overlapping, diverging, shifting as the angles change, with parts of the whole revealed in glimpses, in incidents, creating a work that should be comprehensible whether consumed in its entirety or only in part? It’s a massive jigsaw puzzle of a world, comprised of self-contained domains themed after classic Marvel stories. There are reasons for this, like artists having the freedom to just cut loose and go to town.
It’s not the first time Peter has been depicted as a parent, but it is a reminder of just how having him as a father lends itself to some great story possibilities.
As a faculty member at Apple University, Scott learned how Apple takes a different path but is equally committed to creating the conditions where people can do the best work of their careers and love doing it.
But once you become a boss, it's your job to do be equally clear about what's going wrong, and what's going right. Rather than asking people what they thought about things and then yelling at them harshly when he disagreed, he started doing sneaky things," she says. The vast majority of management mistakes happen in the quadrant that I call ruinous empathy," she says. Scott learned this one the hard way, too, trying to act as diplomat for two reports who couldn't get along. Then explain the process to the reports, again making it clear that the goal of the meeting is to help their boss be a better manager a€” and that the meeting is not for attribution.
And I would tell people that at the end of this meeting, I was going to share the document. Make sure the boss doesn't just communicate the action plan to the team, but over-communicates it. At one point, when I was having a very stressful period in my career, I realized that the most important thing I could do for my team was not hire great people. Sometimes, event comics allow for more interesting stories — even if the actual event miniseries ends up being terrible. Sometimes, event comics allow for more interesting stories — even if the actual event miniseries ends up being terrible. When we told Larry, Sergey and Eric how many publishers we had added over the previous months, Eric almost fell off his chair and asked what resources they could give us to help continue this amazing success. But when you challenge directly without caring personally, you fall into the quadrant that Scott calls obnoxious aggression. Worst of all, I had failed to create the kind of culture in which everyone in the company would tell Bob when he was going off the rails," she says. Scott had learned to take her commitments to herself as seriously as any other professional responsibility.

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