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Buy a local prepaid SIM card for your hand-phone and stay in touch with your driver for pickups throughout your itinerary.
It’s an upscale market with different in-store concessions and local franchises selling high quality arts and crafts souvenirs, batik and jewellery, houseware and clothing by local designers for adults and children alike. You will pay more for your Alun Alun purchases, but the design, quality and feel of the goods here is most definitely high-end. You’ll also find the UK department store Debenhams in Senayan City, and eight Marks & Spencer stores across the capital city. The best way to organise your days in Jakarta is to visit tourist landmarks early morning or late evening—when it is cooler. Don’t forget that Bandung is only a two-hour drive away, if you are keen on factory outlet store clothing and footwear bargains. Try to avoid the much busier weekends and remember that some of the high-end designer brands will more than likely be fakes. My favourite Jakarta shopping experience is the Jalan Surabaya antiques market, in the upmarket central residential neighbourhood of Menteng District.
The long row of stores is covered so you’ll be protected from afternoon showers as you walk between stores. Old porcelain pieces in abundance, wooden carvings, old telephones, wind-up record players, brass compasses, telescopes, sextants and diving helmets—all these unusual pieces of bric-a-brac to proudly display at home may be found.
Fatahillah Square is a very popular strolling spot during the cooler evenings, making it ideal for people watching and relaxing.
The southern Jakarta neighbourhoods of Kemang and Pondok Indah (similar to Bangsar and Damansara) are where the well heeled live and shop, and are perfect for a daylong visit.
There have been times when no matter what kind of marketing strategies we use, we experience a season of dry spell where people barely respond to our marketing efforts.
Those are the usual comments made by others when I tell them I’m off to visit my favourite city in Southeast Asia. The city is strewn with modern high-rise offices, enormous high-end shopping malls, shop rows and restaurants, and yet it still has a vast range of heritage and colonial buildings that would be the envy of the rest of the region—if only they had public funds available for their refurbishment and upkeep as you find in some places, such as Singapore. You’re on a mission and this city is hard going, yet worth every drop of sweat and tears you are about to shed.
There’s also a charming small coffee shop serving lunch to help you recharge your batteries, when your will to shop begins to drop.
Keep your shopping hours for around midday, when the city is at its hottest, or late evening, to avoid the macet, or traffic jam.

I’ve picked up a beautiful Art Deco style Italian glass table lamp with bronze stand, and half a dozen Polish lead crystal champagne coupe glasses on one of my luckier visits. The downstairs café and bar has live music in the evenings and the upstairs restaurant has an international brunch and Chinese menu. Kemang has many small shops, boutiques, furniture stores and trendy restaurants that won’t disappoint.
The Ritz Carlton in Pacific Place to the south is excellent, and close to Jakarta’s business centre.
The locals even have a saying that they “get old on the road”, since they spend so much time traveling in the city and the outer city areas. Join Secret {W} Business’s Jakarta chapter to learn about online marketing shortcuts that are proven and tested to work!
Then again, that type of clinical, whitewash cleansed heritage often kills off much of a building’s original character. Careful preparation and planning are key to you successfully maxing out your credit cards and daily ATM cash allowance. Hiring a car with an English-speaking driver for the day can save you a lot of time and stress, especially during rainy season when taxis are like gold dust. The home accessories line of an Aussie turned Indonesian citizen, his product range make good, sophisticated gifts.
The Japanese department store Sogo may be found in Plaza Senayan and Seibu in Grand Indonesia shopping centre. While the food is excellent, the colonial atmosphere and character-laden teak interior are the main reasons to visit.
Payon restaurant, which is nearby with its Balinese style garden behind high walls, has delicious local food.
The word “macet”, which means “jammed” in Bahasa Indonesia, is one of the few Indonesian words that expats in Jakarta will quickly learn.
Their expert speakers will share with you what they are using right now that have helped garner better results and organic growth. If a slice of history is your thing, and after a long day’s shopping you want to relax and eat, head north towards the sea. These wooden vessels are still being used to transport goods around Indonesia’s many islands. It’s the perfect place for a refreshing drink and meal, away from the hustle and bustle, but watch out for the mosquitoes in the evening.

Traffic in Jakarta is a complex problem that the government still has troubles to handle, and there’s nothing the residents can do besides moaning and finding creative ways to make traveling in Jakarta more bearable.
If you need to have meetings outside the office, schedule your appointments wisely, if possible. There are unlimited short cuts and ‘secret’ alley ways in Jakarta as alternatives for the crowded main roads. If your driver knows such secrets, you will be able to save a lot of time stuck in traffic.
Also, encourage your driver to talk to other drivers about which routes and shortcuts they take to avoid traffic. Your car: an extension of your office Consider the time you spend caught in traffic as an opportunity to make some phone calls from your mobile phone or even do some work on your laptop or tablet.
Be aware, however, that mobile phone theft from cars stopped at traffic lights does occur, so it’s best to only use your phone while the car is moving.
Make your car your second home Make your car as comfortable as you can with extra cushions, a light blanket or a reading light in the back seat. Keep some CDs of your favorite music in the car, books, magazines, newspapers, anything you like! In case of emergency, such as when you’re running late for an important meeting, you can always ride an “ojek” or motorbike taxi which is widely available in Jakarta. As trains and other ‘traffic-free’ modes of transport in Jakarta are not so convenient and fast, such ojeks become a favorite alternative to beat the traffic in Jakarta.
Just prepare to hold on tight and beware of the pollution as your driver moves closely between other vehicles and often take tiny alley ways as shortcuts. Regarding the traffic, some expats humorously say that “Jakarta is the best place to learn patience”.
We at Asia Expat Guides agree that staying positive is the best way to survive an expat life, and we are fully committed to assist you in your big life change to relocate to Jakarta. Let us help you settle in: from sourcing your accommodation, familiarize you with the city and its rich culture, finding the best schools for your children, and so on.

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