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MMORPG-LIFE NETWORK Swtor Spy Star Wars The Old Republic database, guides, walkthrough with screenshots. A guide to the GW2 Not So Secret Aetherblade jumping puzzle that opens on the second week of Sky Pirates of Tyria patch.
Once you get past the steam jump pads at the beginning of the puzzle, you will encounter a fake wall that you can pass through.
Past the fake wall, you can jump down and there will be another set of two steam jump pads with another fake wall at the end. There is an Aetherblade cache you can grab and then it is off to the iron bars on the side.

After a couple of jump pads, you should be able to continue across a bunch of steam vents to another jump pad at the end. There is a jump pad at the end, you need to aim for this intersection between the pipes so you don’t overshoot and fall off. Once you make the jump, jump down to this narrow beam below and walk to the top of the ship.
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That gif of dairy cows "jumping for joy" is from a video that's been making the rounds on the Internet. We spotted it last week when food journalist Michael Pollan tweeted it out: Turns out, the cows pictured hadn't just been "freed from a dairy farm," as the title of the video suggests.

With their milking days behind them, these dairy cows had been headed to the slaughterhouse, according to the video's subtitles (it's in German). But an animal welfare group called Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg stepped in to offer the cows a retirement home. In this video from the group, we see the animals relishing their release from their winter housing into the great outdoors.

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