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I have to mention right at the beginning that this is one of my most favorite body mists ever!
The review is very helpful, it contains a lot of information about the product, styled text, high-quality photos. I wasn't sure when I bought it, because I have gone wrong with some Victoria's Secret fragrance mists before.

But this fragrance kind of grew on me and now I carry it everywhere instead of perfume.The scent is really fresh and clean, a very feminine fragrance.
The fragrance kind of lingers around you, stays on your clothes and is very recognizable, like your signature perfume, only cheaper!This is so ideal for any kind of day, rain or shine.
I do wish the cap to be a little bit tighter, it does not really have any locking mechanism and sometimes can lost in your purse.

Besides this tiny packaging flaw, I am 100% in love with this fragrance mist and would definitely repurchase it.

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