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Mickey Mouse has been the central mascot of the Walt Disney Corporation since his creation in 1928. This geometric representation of Mickey Mouse is called a “Classic Mickey,” which Disney artists, designers, and imagineers hide throughout Disney theme parks and resorts, attractions, and media including animated movies, TV series, and live-action films.
Although the Walt Disney Corporation has not officially recognized the appearances, Hidden Mickeys have become part of the fabric of the complete Disney experience. Hidden Mickeys have appeared in every Disney full-length animated feature film since the very beginning with the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937.
After the Blue Fairy turns the puppet Pinocchio into a wooden boy, Mister Geppetto and his cat Figaro and goldfish Cleo celebrate his arrival. In Walt Disney’s 1941 animated film, when Dumbo receives a loving bath from his mother, the soap bubbles form a Hidden Mickey. At the very beginning of Bambi, when the wildlife of the forest celebrate the start of a new spring season, a bird feeds her three baby birds a small group of berries that resembles the iconic Mickey Mouse. As Cinderella scrubs the floor, soap bubbles float up to reveal her reflection in a trio of bubbles that form a Hidden Mickey.
After the wicked fairy Maleficent curses the baby Aurora to death when she reaches the age of 16, the trio of good fairies have tea to talk about what they’re going to do about Maleficent’s curse and how to protect the new baby. Considering Dalmatians are white dogs with black spots, this could have been an opportunity for the animators to go overboard with the Hidden Mickeys, but only one appears—on Pongo’s right shoulder. During Robin Hood and Maid Marian’s love song at the pond, there are three lily pads that make up a Hidden Mickey.
At the very beginning of the film when the Rescue Aid Society assembles at the United Nations in New York City, the clock on the wall is a watch with a Mickey Mouse clock face.
When Todd and Copper first become unlikely friends at the beginning of the film, they play a game of hide and seek.
At the end of the film when Tron, Flynn, and Yori escape, they board a “solar sailer simulation” that travels throughout the Grid. When the stray dogs’ human friend Fagin looks at his collection of watches, the first watch on his wrist has a Mickey Mouse clock face. At the very beginning of the film, King Triton enters an underwater concert hall full of eager concertgoers. In the animated film’s second act, the Beast gives Belle his humongous library of books as a gift to show his gratitude for helping him mend his wounds.

There are a few Hidden Mickeys and additional Easter eggs throughout the animated film Aladdin. At the very end of the film, after Jafar is tricked into becoming an all-powerful genie, the baby cub Rajah quickly morphs into Mickey Mouse before turning back into a full-sized tiger.
The animated film is bookended with the Notre Dame Cathedral; a Mickey is part of the architecture of the giant church. One of the Hidden Mickeys in the animated film Hercules is actually part of one of its main characters. The other two Hidden Mickeys are reflected in the animated film’s struggle between good and evil.
After Mulan has had a makeover to be presented to the Matchmaker, and the other hopefuls are lined up, the last woman on the right side of the frame has a hairdo shaped like Mickey Mouse’s ears.
When Lilo is teaching the alien Stitch how to hula, there’s a Hidden Mickey in the fruit stand behind them. At the very beginning of the animated film, Flynn Rider narrates Rapunzel’s origins and reveals the power of her long hair.
Mickey Mouse is on a billboard behind the arcade at the very beginning of the animated film.
Once Wreck-It Ralph is inside the Sugar Rush video game with Vanellope von Schweetz, the video game’s racetrack is lined with round peppermint candies that form a handful of Hidden Mickeys.
Two Hidden Mickeys appear early in the film—when Snow White finishes scrubbing the castle’s steps, and when the Prince serenades Snow White under her balcony. Then, when Dumbo’s miniature companion Timothy falls into a bucket of champagne, he emerges ostensibly drunk as he hiccups pink bubbles, which form another.
The blue fairy Merryweather conjures cookies in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head to go with her tea. They pass through an open plain that reveals a large Hidden Mickey underneath the solar ship. Mickey Mouse and Goofy are two of them, and a number of spectators are wearing Mickey Ears.
At the very top of the center bookshelf is a Hidden Mickey that brings the entire library together.
At the beginning of the film, when Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine for the first time in the Agrabah marketplace, a bushel of apples makes up a Hidden Mickey at one of the vendor’s fruit stands.

When Timon shows him that they eat insects and grubs to survive, one of the grubs in the background has a Hidden Mickey on its back.
While they frolic in a field of Sunflowers, three sunflowers create a Hidden Mickey in the background. In Hades’ lair, there’s a map of the underworld, which is in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. When he mentions a single sun drop fell from the sky, the sun drop forms a Hidden Mickey when it hits the ground.
He's a freelance writer interested in cinema, pop culture, science fiction, and web culture. When Hercules meets his father Zeus for the first time as a teenager, there’s a Hidden Mickey in the ceiling of Zeus’ monument.
After all, coworkers share their physical ailments with one another all the time.CJ Laymon, writing over at The Atlantic, tells the eye-opening reality.
I am 26, do my preventative screenings like clockwork, and have no physical health problems. I have always shown up earlier and left later than most, and am confident that despite the extra work it requires, I have never once let my mental health affect my job.But I still feel like I can’t tell anyone. At my former company, everyone gossiped in mock horror about a manager who “had a mental breakdown” and went away for awhile, as though he had a contagious disease no one wanted to catch.
As a millennial in the early stages of my career, I can’t afford to be seen that way.When one of our high-profile clients committed suicide last year, for days my co-workers said that they couldn’t understand why he would ever feel that way.
Too many still see mental illness as something that happens to other groups of people — not themselves. It depends on your situation, your career, and your personal choices.Keep it a secret if you need to, but consider that the risks of sharing it with your boss and coworkers might actually not be as bad you think. He is an author, researcher and expert in mental health online, and has been writing about online behavior, mental health and psychology issues -- as well as the intersection of technology and human behavior -- since 1992.
Grohol sits on the editorial board of the journal Computers in Human Behavior and is a founding board member and treasurer of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

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