The secret of mona lisas smile lies in leonardos painting,the secret to all victory lies in,the secret 2006 film online subtitrat 990 - New On 2016

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More:mole above the lip what does it meanare the girls trust worthy having mole on left side of upper lipwhats the meaning of dream that you have head liesmole in the face shows the personalitydreaming of lice means moneymole in the face at right sideprophetic dream meaning of being kissed on the lipsDifferent facts on There's a Hidden Portrait Underneath the Mona Lisa!. The Louvre Museum, which houses the painting, has not yet commented on Cotte's find.Throughout the past 50 years, the Mona Lisa has become the most widely studied painting by the scientific community. Over the years, researchers have looked for numbers and other symbols to provide clues to any never-before-seen discovery of Leonardo's.

Despite the criticism toward his research, the French scientist claims to have used a more unusual technique, enabling him to reach the deepest layers of any painting."We can now analyze exactly what is happening inside the layers of the paint and we can peel like an onion all the layers of the painting. We can reconstruct all the chronology of the creation of the painting, " Cotte told the BBC.He was given access to Leonardo's painting in 2004. Cotte is a pioneer in researching with a technique that determines the characteristics of a canvas, no matter the era of its painting.The Mona Lisa was painted between 1503 and 1517, when Leonardo was working in Florence. There has been debate over the years as to the identity of the woman in the painting, with most scholars believing it was Lisa Gherardini - the wife of a Florentine painting seller.

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