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Guybrush Threepwood, der Held des Spieles, mu? am Anfang drei Prufungen bestehen um Pirat zu werden.
Auf der Insel erfahrt er erstmal, warum alle Piraten auf der Insel hocken und nicht rauben, entern und piratern: Geisterpirat LeChuck treibt auf der See sein Unwesen, und mit dem ist nicht zu spa?en. En esta edicion de Domingos de Clasicos nos complace recordarte aquellos juegos a los que echaste mas horas que al instituto.
Los que no lo conozcais no os dejeis llevar por los graficos del pokemon rojo, es uno de los mejores RPG de la historia moderna, y de la antigua tambien, que no habia videojuegos!
Hablamos de un juego de nada menos que 1991, mas de 20 anos (por si eres de letras), que ademas pesa tan solo 3,2 megas! Y lo mejor de todo, te lo ponemos para que lo descargues directamente desde aqui!
Si, tu tambien flipaste con la pelicula Project X y ahora quieres liar el taco en tu casa. Has leido bien, cuando termines este articulo tendras un nuevo rapero favorito y mas musica del rollo para mostrar a tus colegas.

I installed the ScummVM (Wikipedia) on my Android phone and put a couple of games on it: they work great.
The ScummVM was ported on a dizzying array of platforms and operating systems, including Android recently, by Angus Lees. I have a lot of fantastic memories associated with the ScummVM, back when the days when adventure games were popular, and in particular, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, shown above on my Android phone.
My second favorite game, and one of the most difficult adventure games I have ever played is "Zak Mc Kracken and the Alien Mindbenders". If you have never played any of the Monkey Island games, I strongly recommend spending $10 and downloading this new edition on Steam (Windows only, unfortunately). And for people who still enjoy the quirky humor and the overall relaxing and piratey impression that permeates the entire series, Lucas Arts is releasing a brand new Monkey Island game in the form of five short stories. I just started playing it but I have a feeling that the puzzles have taken a Myst-like tone that is going to be challenging but probably exhilarating to solve.

For people not familiar with the ScummVM, it's a virtual machine created by Ron Gilbert at Lucas Arts to factor out some of the tedium associated to the creation of adventure games in a library. It was probably the first cross-platform VM in history, and one of the most widely implemented to date, with multiple new interpreters coming out each year. Of course, the concept of virtual machines was not new even back then (around 1987) but the idea of creating such a machine for adventure games was quite innovative at the time and the VM was used in the following years to create about twenty different games.

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