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There have been other 3D platformers since, and a few before, but none that exemplify the genre as much as this one. I love the way that despite being open world, there was never any danger of getting completely lost.
My hope is that after playing this one he’ll want to go and play the others, right the way from Super Mario Bros (surely the most iconic music in a game??) up to Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the new Super Mario 3D World, the new WiiU game which is meant to be good enough to warrant buying the console. Point n Click games are absolutely massive to me, so keeping it to just one entry in this list is going to be difficult for me. In my own opinion Super Mario Galaxy is probably the better game, but the gravity switching is a bit confusing at first.
The camera was nigh-on perfect, and while cameras have largely gotten better in the years in-between, this was the first game to nail it.

There are always hints for what to do next to keep that ever-increasing star count heading the right way. I think I’ll need to keep my N64 to get the authentic feel, not for the graphics so much (which are showing their age), but the controller.
Monkey Island was the first to really nail it though, and the Special Edition really adds to it.
The verbs list is cut down and text descriptions of the items you’re carrying are replaced with natty little graphics. I’d prefer he went back to the other Lucas classics like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango.
Subsequent games might have had better puzzles or graphics, but the original captures absolutely everything that makes Monkey Island what it is.

The best thing for me though, even though it’s massively different to the original, is getting Dominic Armato in to voice Guybrush.
His is the voice of Guybrush for me, and hearing it instead of reading the text is awesome.

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