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Having learned that my favorite childhood movie, The Secret of NIMH, is currently being remade for a modern audience, I decided to bring the original characters to life this Halloween with Homemade Secret of NIMH Costumes!MRS.
After all our hard work, the costumes got ruined by the rain while we waited to march in the NYC Greenwich Village Parade. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH’ in fifth grade which left a big impression on me as did the animated film. This was bent, fished through a hole in the back of the pants, and held in place with a tight belt. Brisby's stomach, chest and hips, then glued this to the front of the leisure suit, completing her body.I found a large red table cloth for the cape.

Simply tie it at the neck and cut strips at the bottom so it's ragged.The ears are the top part of foam fedora hats, found at craft stores.
Brisby must move her home to the other side of a big rock before the farmer’s plow comes to destroy it. I cut the tops off, cut out circular shapes from pink foam that would fit inside, glued them to the brown hat tops, and attached them to the 80s rocker wig by bending and gluing wire in place.The amulet is just a prop I found at a costume store.
Brisby employs the help of the rats of NIMH – a highly advanced society of freed lab rats.
More sci-fi connections!)This film may fall into one of those semi-genre categories, something I like to call “sorta kinda science fiction”, but it fits into the sci fi genre nonetheless.

The environment is rationally imaginative in that we suppose a world where animal testing has made lab rats so advanced, they’ve created their own mini-advanced world in a rosebush. We are thrust into a world where we see how scientific inquiry can be disastrous even to the littlest of creatures. There are very adult themes appearing throughout the film such as the trials and tribulations of being a widowed mother and how class systems are built based on literacy and the availability of resources.Plus, there’s animals who talk.

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