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Prior to these name change requests, in 2009 the father had sought a name change of their oldest child Sirdrautal whose name changed from Sirdrautal Muntaha to Sidratul Muntaha Hossain. Then in 2010 the mother wanted the children’s names to change again, this time from  Sidratul Muntaha Hossain, to  Oporajita Neeladri. She is currently married to Mosharaf Hossain who is the children’s natural father and he has agreed to the name change,  as reported by the New York Law Journal in a November 7th, 2012 news article.

The court granted the parent’s request as the child took on her father’s last name and this was seen as promoting the child’s best interest. In addition, she sought a name change for the younger child as well; she wanted her name to change from Heemika Hossian to Himika Himadri.
He specializes in many areas of practice including divorce, bankruptcy, and personal injury.

The mother states that she wants her children’s name changed as she does not like their names and that they are being poked made fun of at by other children because they have a common Muslim last name.

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