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While you might, from time to time, envy others, it's precisely during those moments when you might ask yourself whether or not you'd actually like to be them. You are either choosing to be happy now, or you are making up excuses for not choosing to be happy. In this lesson you will learn how to calculate your Life Expression number, sometimes known as the Destiny Number or the Personality number. This sum describes all of the talents and potentials that are at your disposal in this lifetime and is calculated from the letters that compose your full birth name. Remember that this number cannot be your nickname or your married name, but rather the name that is found written in full on your birth certificate.
Unlike the Life Path Number, which is more about your limitations or possibilities due to your ancestry or physicality, this calculation offers you a glimpse of how you can make the most of your experience on earth.
The value of your Life Expression Number is that it shows you what you are truly capable of or what you should look for when it comes to realizing your highest potential. To calculate your Life Expression number, treat each of your names separately and add up the values according to the conversion chart below. Today we will be using the name of Brad Pitt, whose full name is actually William Bradley Pitt. All double digits (except the master numbers 11 and 22 which are symbolic entities in themselves) are then reduced to a single number by adding them together. Given that the Expression number reveals one's true potential and secret personality there is a very good chance that Mr.
Number 4's love balance and order and can be very systemic and methodical in their thinking.
Number 4's also don't feel that their destiny is fulfilled until their life is filled with many descendants. The truest expression of his life path would be to set a great work in motion that benefits society both spiritually and materially. In our next installment of this numerology e-course we will reveal the interpretations associated with each number.
If you followed the last lesson on how to calculate your life path number you are probably eager to find out their meanings! These master numbers, as components of the date or as a final result, are not reduced any further.
The number 3 life path is one that is characterized by beauty, excitement, eccentricity and fame. However, self-sacrificing number 4's often demand too much both of themselves and others and develop reputations as martyrs or tyrants. This completely baffles the confused number 4 whose intentions are usually to benefit the good of all. However, fives tend to be very self-absorbed and unaware of the effect of their actions on other people. These reserved and analytical deep-thinkers make great mathematicians, engineers, inventors, scientists and doctors.
In this case, the troubled 7 should try to recognize his or her original ambitions to improve the world through the application of wisdom.
Eights have tremendous potential for practically improving the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of people.
Part of a 9's life path is to express spiritual principles through actions, rather than through preaching or proselytizing.
These avant-garde and visionary individuals make great students, psychics, mystics, healers, teachers, writers, musicians and artists. Many of them are "wounded healers" who at some point in their life suffer a devastating experience that propels them on the search for spirituality. It takes many 11's their entire life to rid themselves of the chip on their shoulder and achieve enlightenment.
This is part of a spiritual directive to be detached from objects and the outcome of events.
Congratulations, you have now graduated to calculating the mightiest of numerology numbers - The Life Path Number!
The Life Path is determined by the sum that is arrived at after reducing your birth date by adding digits together.
Just to refresh your memory The Life Path is based on your full birth date as it is described numerologically. First, convert the month to a single number or a master number (November stays 11 rather than 2). The individual digits representing the month, day, and year, be they single digits or master numbers, are then added together, as necessary to reduce the sum once again to a single digit 1 through 9, or to the numerology "master numbers" 11 or 22. Now let's go through this step by step using the always controversial Angelina Jolie's birthday as an example. Note that when calculating months, double-digit months such as October, November and December will not reduce down to a single digit. Angelina Jolie's birthday does not have to be reduced as she was born on the 4th, so her number is 4. Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries; in fact it is the language not only of mysticism and philosophy but of all Nature, for every law and power active in universal procedure is manifested to the limited sense perceptions of man through the medium of symbol.
Monster energy drink has become one of the top energy drink brands in the world with its promotion of a super shot of enegry for high adrenaline sports and activities.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. As a Christian, to the unbeliever out there, please understand this is NOT what the Bible teaches or what Christianity is about. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. The spirit of Antichrist had manifested in six different leaders up to that point in history and was going to be in 2 more. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
So from this text, we can conclude once again that the spirit that is leading to the Antichrist is already working in the world. So while I respect your disagreement about the question the article raises, I do not think you have provided the Scripture to back up your assertions, nor do I agree with your interpretation of the verse you do provide. I agree with your context of I John 4:3, and the difference between the spirit of and the entity of the anti-christ. What I would be more concerned with regarding monster, or any drink with caffeine and other mind altering substances is what it is doing to our bodies. I grew up in the church where 666 was talked about often, and the church would be beaten and bruised and near death and lost and then Christ would come back to rescue His bride and kick butt. The reason no man, not even the angels, know the day or hour in which Christ will return is simply because Christ is waiting for the Church, the body of Christ, to mature and be a Bride of age and maturity ready to enter into the marriage. Hey child going to bed hungry, all I have is a can of monster that I can’t give you because I think the logo on it is evil. I know many good men, with sincere hearts, interpreting Bible prophecy by comparing to news articles in the daily paper.
I also agree, the antichrist entity, the beast, is the devil with the full empowerment of satan.
Whether it is Job, Eve, Jesus, the seven churches, the beast…the scope of what satan can and cannot do is limited to what God allows and to a time and a season. I think we have much bigger issues to worry about than creative marketing…and not about satan’s power but our giving up our own authority we have in Christ.
It is a logo, a piece of art, a rendition of the marketing concept of a brand called monster, intended to emphasize the energy in the drink.
I believe in the end times totally, but I don’t think that drinking this drink will be me supporting the Antichrist. I believe in the end times totally, but I don’t think that drinking this drink will be me supporting the Antichrist. Anyways what I actually said is that the M does represent 666 when inverted and there is a cross on the O which turns upside down once you drink more than half a can. So this is either purely satanic or a way to mock Christianity and market the product to teens that hate going to church every sunday be because of their parents, rebels …. Let your focus shift and be born again - because dwelling from, not upon, the space you want to inherit is the fastest way to change absolutely everything. It is the number that reveals what makes you tick, what excites you and what motivates you as a person. Not only did Pitt study architecture at an Oklahoma university but he is also working with architect Rande Gerber n a big project in London. This could certainly account for Pitt's ability to organize several production companies at once, his acting career and a side career as a budding architect. Issues around child rearing certainly contributed to his recent break up with his wife Jennifer Aniston and his devotion to his mistress Angelina Jolie's new child is also expressing part of his heart's desire to bear progeny. Although they may appear quiet and even slow mentally to other individuals behind that patient facade is very intelligent person who is deeply analytical, philosophical and capable of absorbing and handling great amounts of information. For just a moment there I thought that time was real, that space was deep, and that manipulating circumstances and messing with the "hows" was the way to manifest life changes!
The individual digits representing the month, day, and year, be they single digits or master numbers, are then added together, as necessary to reduce the sum once again to a single digit 1 through 9, or to the numerology "master numbers," 11 or 22. Number 3's are entertainers of the world and most of them are truly gifted musicians, writers, actors, dancers, public speakers and politicians. 5's are highly inquisitive individuals who consider hands on experience to be the best teacher in life. As other people often feel tricked or fooled by number 5's, experiencing a series of broken relationships is also often a part of their path. Number Six Life Path are usually people-pleasers that have a great need to feel indispensable to others.
Sixes that find themselves enslaved to an addicted or mentally ill partner might not be following their true path, as this is a sign that they have become enablers, rather than healers of the diseases.
A sign that a number 7 has strayed completely off of his or her life path is a complete withdrawal from society.
Sometimes the pursuit of riches becomes more important than personal relationships and cost them their personal relationships, morality and popularity. However along with these situations usually comes a lot of toxic emotional baggage and a harsh inner critic. Whatever a 22 thinks about is almost sure to become manifest so it is very important for them to choose their thoughts carefully.
Many of them work for material gain, with the idea that their wealth should be spread among the masses.

This number represents the traits and talents that you were born with and the probable journey you will take during your lifetime.
For example November which is the 11th month equates to the number 2 after you add 1+1 together.
For instance, if you were born on the 17th then you would add 1 and 7 together to reduce the number to 8.
Built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis (above), its pastel-coloured cottages, villas and picturesque piazzas provided a perfectly psychedelic backdrop for Number Six’s repeated, but futile, attempts at escape. All the locations seen in the series remain completely unchanged and Number Six’s house is even a Prisoner-themed souvenir shop ! Every form existing in the diversified sphere of being is symbolic of the divine activity by which it is produced. But is this drink maker secretly promoting the Mark of the Beast of the Antichrist in its logo? In the Hebrew Alphabet, every letter is also a corresponding number and Vav is the number 6. If Monster Energy is indeed is doing this intentionally, it would just be part of a greater move to subtly prepare society for the coming of the false Christ. If you look at the symbolism used for promotion of Monster Energy products how could you not see it as promoting Satan? I can take your text and attach numbers to the letters and I guarantee I can come up with a mathematical formula that turns all your text into 666. If your name is misspelled on your birth certificate, use that to configure your Life expression number. For this reason, they make great entrepreneurs, freelancers, generals, commanders, CEOs and producers.
Those following a number 2 Life Path tend to be diplomatic, sensitive individuals who make great judges, mediators, lawyers counselors or social workers as they bring harmony to all group situations. Many escape into drug abuse or promiscuity to avoid hearing the nagging voice of their true calling to express their talents. For this reason many number 6's often dedicate their lives to being care givers and service providers such a doctors, nurses, counselors, fire fighters and law keepers. As they love to absorb information, they usually require a great deal of private time to cultivate their knowledge. Usually their life purpose is learning to manipulate money and power without becoming corrupted in the process. These sophisticated individuals are very selfless souls and are often patient, trustworthy and honorable from the very beginning to the end of their life. In their quest to find a balance between the rational and the irrational, they will often pursue the most eclectic of religions and cultures. If they are willing to work for what they desire they can achieve enormous prestige, success and fame. Sometimes they display what looks like insensitivity but actually they are just very focussed on their goals. By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limitations of language. But the same spirit that will lead him is already working in this world to corrupt the minds of those who do not believe the Gospel and those who purposely distort it for their own gain. We have access to forums where we can share our views on Scripture, try to get deeper into the text and Lord willing, both be edified by God’s Word. So it seems that aside from his acting career that, Pitt is also pursuing a career as a designer of buildings. They are also great communicators that make excellent social anthropologists, archaeologists, teachers, writers and historians. Rejecting man-conceived dialects as inadequate and unworthy to perpetuate divine ideas, the Mysteries thus chose symbolism as a far more ingenious and  ideal method of preserving their transcendental knowledge. You don’t have to be a Christian to see that Monster went out of their way to, if nothing else, make their product questionable when it comes to their marketing tactics. In a single figure a symbol may both reveal and conceal, for to the wise the subject of the symbol is obvious, while to the ignorant the figure remains inscrutable. If Monster is not intentionally trying to promote 666 and the mark of the beast, why does everything on their packaging in some way represent that very thing? Look at the messages to the churches in Revelation, his time is limited, focus on Christ and overcome. Hence, he who seeks to unveil the secret doctrine of antiquity must search for that doctrine not upon the open pages of books which might fall into the hands of the unworthy but in the place where it was originally concealed. Whether you are or aren’t a believer in Jesus Christ, you can agree that Monster’s packaging is somewhat questionable when it comes to the meaning of the symbolism on their products, riht?
But this does not change the fact that the Antichrist will indeed be powerful and will lead millions if not billions to hell.

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