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The difference is, some organizations are struggling with these challenges while others have application management well in hand. Trading a hodgepodge of disparate tools for the integrated Dell solution has really paid off. Efficient software deployment — Rollout of Microsoft Office 2014 across the business was completed in just two weeks, weeks faster than previous similar upgrades.
Reduced inventory costs — Clear insight into its hardware and software assets enables the IT team to know exactly what spare inventory to maintain at each site. Reduced licensing costs — The IT team can easily identify and reallocate unused and underused software licenses while ensuring software license compliance.
Proactive capacity management — The solution reports on the amount of storage available on each desktop so IT staff can alert employees to archive data when needed, thereby preventing business disruptions. David Manks is a Solutions Marketing Director for Dell Software focusing on endpoint management and security products. I rolled out Internet Explorer 11 to over 1000 computers in 3 weeks without touching a single one thanks to the K1!

I have been having so much fun recording solo shows, interviewing some amazing guests and creating more podcast content meant to spur you on in your own healthy lifestyle. I will be doing solo shows (meaning you will only hear from me) teaching on a particular topic and also interviews from some amazing women in wellness. The launch and beginning of a podcast is very important and iTunes has a category called New and Noteworthy. Through careful research and extensive testing, the company found a clear winner: Dell KACE K1000 and K2000 appliances. I have launched this week with 3 episodes so you can listen and learn a lot right from the beginning. Meghan’s health story from sick, exhausted and discouraged to craving-free, purposeful and experiencing abundant health. It is important to be in there, so the more people who Subscribe and Rate and Review helps this podcast get there. I have launched with the theme of progress over perfect realizing there are a few mis-speaks and editing imperfections but that’s ok.

Topics will include my health story, living your healthiest life, Meal planning, grocery shopping, planning you week, maximizing your mornings and so many more to come.
I’m a believer, wife, chiropractor, real foodie and drinker of tea with (lots of) heavy cream. I’m passionate about empowering, encouraging and educating women to their best and healthiest life possible through providing delicious recipes and relevant resources. Using a basic knowledge of IT, an administrator can install and operate Dell KACE solutions.

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