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The Secret Disney Movie Cameos You Never Know About: Pumbaa is in The Hunchback of Notre Dame?!? As the giant in the animated pictures role for seemingly ages, Disney of course receives the most buzz when it comes to these little secrets placed by the creators (nicknamed “Easter Eggs”). Zendaya brought a ray of positivity and sunshine to the ballroom last night as she served as a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars.

Obviously, this can begin to get very stressful and those staffed with creating our favorite animated classics need an outlet like anyone else. Other times, it may be because the rumor is about a cameo by a character in a film which has not yet been released.
Either way, I’m sure you’ll be paying much closer attention to the background the next time you sit down to watch an animated Disney movie.

But while we might get up and go for a short walk or get some form of exercise, animators have become very well-known for their tendency to place hidden messages in the films they create.

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