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In this presentation, I’m going to show you the #1 secret that will help you quickly and easily SPEAK and UNDERSTAND fluent English, just like a native English speaker. The reason you can’t speak and understand high level, fluent English is because you have learned the wrong kind of English. You probably feel like you have wasted many years studying the wrong thing, but I’m going to show you how to fix this problem quickly and easily! I need to warn you: I will probably remove this presentation soon, because many of the companies that sell English courses (and many English teachers!) are going to be angry with me for telling you this secret.
If you only study Learner’s English, then your English ability is stopped at an average level.
And the worst thing is, these students know a lot of words…they know a lot of grammar. FACT: More than 50% of all the words in Fluent Spoken English are pronounced very differently from the way textbooks and teachers and websites are teaching you.
This is a very important point: Speed of speech is NOT the reason that Fluent Spoken English is difficult to understand. Understand Fluent English is an ONLINE COURSE that will have you understanding difficult, high-level, natural English.
Module 1 – In the first module you begin to understand how native speakers really speak.
Module 11 – A lot of courses only teach common morphs, but I want to make sure you understand everything you hear.

Module 13 – You will master a major group of words and sounds that are the reason Fluent English and Learners English are so different.
After Module 14 you will quickly and easily understand these, and everything else I’ve shown you.
Speak Fluent English is an online course that will teach you exactly how to speak high level, perfect, fluent sounding English. Speak Fluent English is another complete 15 modules of advanced online English training, where I teach you to speak Fluent English. Modules 5 & 6 - Your training will include four advanced English learning techniques. Modules 7 & 8 - When trying to speak like a native speaker, you have to be careful or you might have very bad pronunciation. The Bridge Method always works, because you will make a gradual, careful change from your current pronunciation, to fluent sounding English!
Modules 9 & 10 - I teach you new expressions and slang, using Construction Branching. Module 14 - We work with a new fluency technique that breaks long, difficult tasks into smaller, easier tasks. When you finish the Understand Fluent English, and Speak Fluent English online training courses, you will will have everything you need to understand and speak fluent English. Here, you’ll discover what an actual conversation between two native speakers is like.

Do you want to go shopping?" In American English, everybody says, "Whatchya doin? In this module, I’m going to teach you to understand the most common short words in Fluent English. I teach you with the same advanced language learning techniques I used to become fluent in my second language, and that all of my students are using, too. Part of the reason you are having difficulty speaking fluently is because you have not been using constructions when you practice on your own. But with the Bridge Method, you slowly change your current pronunciation into perfect, fluent English pronunciation. Before I say the price, I want to tell you about a free online bonus course that I want to give you.
Then it’s probably time to put down your books, and start learning how people really speak. And this is also where you truly start speaking fluent English, as everything you learned in the previous units finally comes together. Then you’re gonna practice using it, and you’re gonna be understanding more and more Fluent English!

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