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The Golden Secret by Antonio Banderas is a new version of The Secret fragrance introduced in 2010. The Golden Secret is the only Antonio Banderas fragrance I've tried recently and it's a great clone of 1 Million at a superb price (on FragranceNet it's $20 for 100ml or $24 for 200ml), so with the original being so much more expensive, the main question to answer would be whether to opt for this over Cuba Royal, and the easiest answer may be that Cuba Royal is a bit brighter and The Golden Secret is a bit tamer, but they're very close to one another. It?s definitely a decent copy of One Million and VIP but sweeter with strong blend of vanilla as well.
When you first spray it you def smell LEATHER, pepper and nutmeg, it's so obvious the nutmeg that is. What even surprises me the most is no one ranked MINT in this, come on people it's saying I'M IN HERE. And best of all, it's a perfume of high quality, longevity and good projection, which has a very attractive price. I recommend it highly for those who do not want to spend much money and want to acquire a modern perfume, well designed and very stylish.
The original gun was made from balsa wood with a real gold waterman pen which screwed in as the barrel. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After 2011 edition The Golden Secret Antonio Banderas opens a new chapter of this story—with fragrance Her Golden Secret. The main star of the fragrance Her Golden Secret is Spanish actress Paz Vega, a woman with authentic beauty, a strong personality, with accentuated sexuality.
I don' t like it much on me: 4 hour longevity (and this is stretching a bit) 1 h 30 min of decent sillage, decaying to a skin scent, very much alike Cacharel Catch Me, which in turn reminds me a bit of the heart of TM's Alien.
I just smelled orange blossom from this one, wich I loved but for me it had very poor longevity and sillage.
The notes on Her Golden Secret look inviting, very feminine and (hopefully) not overly sweet.
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A friend of mine owns both, and honestly, i don't know if it's because of her (yep, a girl) skin chemistry, but i can't NEVER tell the difference. She was fussing with him in car seat and she was like "did you go pee pee in you pants?" "I smell urine somewhere". The Golden Secret starts out with a blast of jucie green apple and a sharp mint giving the opening a a sharp freshness ! I actually told my brother when he was testing it that i'm sure it has mint and when i checked it here, there it was. Someone also mentioned this having elements of Lancome's Hypnose, another I also happen to love, and I do agree very much.
It seems most days I spend more time with Zak than my husband and this frag is something I am happy to smell all day!
Projects about the same and longevity about as good but for the price you get more out of this than One Million as far as money goes.

The new fragrance arrives as a successor to Her Secret, created as the ultimate fragrance of seduction.
The new perfume HER GOLDEN SECRET develops strong and seductive fruity notes in the beginning, mixing zest of bergamot, mandarin, apple and peach.
The liquid inside highlights the femininity and sophistication of the composition and is paired with a massive cap colored in a gold shade.
It's a bit more mature than the fragrances I'm usually into (fruity gourmand mainly) but I don't think is unpleasant at all. Ladylike and maybe just a bit too pretentious, but I'm fine with it since I can pull it off.
Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. The fragrance features a cedar note, amber, nutmeg, cumin, apple liquor, leather and black pepper.
And for the similities with PR's One Million, know that Puig owns Paco Rabanne, so instead of a dupe or a smell-alike, this can be considered a budget variation on their own formula. Yet im getting dizzy trying to smell it since its faded pretty fast on my arm now a few hours after putting 1 spray on. OMG I was right in my own assessment smelling it on my arm and now am even more self conscious of this. In the drydown the mint and apple tone down and the nutmeg and caraway come up with undertones of leather and musk which make this a spicey fruity fragrance ! A friend bought this and explained it's resemblance to 1M, I never believe him (or others on these remarks because I find differences so easily), but this was in a whole different realm of similarity!!
For whom like sweet scents and wants a slightly variation on the traditionals as Pi, can be a choice.
Smells similar to one million as well with slightly different top notes(apple standing out), and has a little pepper as opposed to one million's powdery spices. He said that he took his model to Colibri, with the intention of them making the gun for real from metal featuring the relevant component parts stated in his model and plans.
Mysterious, intense and playful Her Golden Secret wins over all the senses, leaving us helpless to resist its fascinating attraction. The heart introduces a union of gardenia and orange blossom refreshed with drops of black currant zest, on a base of woody notes of patchouli and cedar, along with tonka, vanilla and musk. A gold-colored key hangs on the neck of the bottle to unlock the mysterious and timeless secret. I had some extra store credit and everything they had within my price range were fragrances that I already have. At the very opening you can smell the peach clearly, but the rest of the time you can feel mostly the white florals.
If you have more information about Antonio Banderas Her Golden Secret, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. Puig also own Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, JP Gaultier, Comme des Garcons, Adolfo Dominguez, Prada, Valentino, etc.
It IS similar and close enough I'm sure many could wear this and whiffs from others will think OM.

When i wore this one day to the army on a cold morning some one told me i smelled like apple pie , and i do see that ! On me, longevity is beastly and projection was excellent as well, leaving a really nice scent trail behind me. What they made very quickly was a gun that was an absolute mess according to Peter, which was made from bits of lighters and went together magnetically. The packaging contains luxury design ensured by a matte gold shade and golden chain on the box hiding the secret.
I recommend this perfume for those who is looking for everyday feminine but a little bit spice scent. The only thing I don't like very much is gardenia because I think it smells a bit like old lady, but putting that aside it's a really nice fragrance that keeps you company about 6 hours.
Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Her Golden Secret by Antonio Banderas. So many budget fragances from Puig are actually very good and some of them are cheaper versions of other designer fragances.
It could be stronger, and by the time he comes home from work it has worn off, but I still love it. It starts out warm and stay warm and inviting and yet there is a distinctive freshness to it; probably from apple.
On my skin it has a monster longevity, though, more than 12 hours, so try it before you buy.
When I smelled it on my sister, I turned around and told her - Did you just spray Lady Million? Click on the appropriate options on the fragrance classification form below the perfume picture. Colibri were insistent in charging Cubby Broccoli for its construction which Cubby was refusing to pay as he was not impressed by their work on the gun. Peter then said that he took his model and plans to Rose in London who was a silversmith company and they made a total number of; three Golden Gun s for the film.
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Even if I enjoy a sniff, I usually do not enjoy wearing them, as I do not enjoy wearing this one. All of these guns were made from silver and were Gold plated and EON Productions still has all three film used guns. Staying power is even much worse than Spirit's, not to mention the silage, which is equally none.
It is very cheap and I would buy it if longevity was better, but the way it is I consider it a waste of money.

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