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The prices for Waterfall is valid in all major cities of India including Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune. Rani Nagi (Hindi for "queen of the Nagas") is the queen of the Nagas and a recurring antagonist in The Secret Saturdays. Rani Nagi and her fellow Nagas returned in the season two premiere "Kur" as the main antagonists.
Has the ability to control snakes and could even speak through them, included the Kumari Kadam sea serpent.
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Snapdeal offers the most comprehensive range of laptops, mobile phones, apparels, household appliances, toiletries, personal care products for men and women. We consistently work towards making the shopping experience a delight for our customers and your opinion matters to us. She uses a relic forged from Kur's own essence which is to glow in the presence of its master.

Rani attempted to convince Zak to tap into his inner nature and lead cryptids in a war against humanity. She was responsible for using Drew's sword to attack her only for Leonidas to sacrifice his life to block the attack. Snapdeal offers pretty much everything that one needs to lead a happy and comfortable life at at click of a mouse. When the artifact fails to glow, Argost asks her why the picture of Fiskerton was in Kur's tomb. Her attempt was interrupted by the timely arrival of the rest of the family and after a rough battle, they saved Zak and escaped. However, the Nagas had already succeeded in having Zak's power summon the most vicious cryptids from around the planet in a battle against humans. She later follows Zak, Doyle, Fiskerton, and Abby to Shangri-La in order to learn where Kur is located. After a brutal battle in which she mostly holds her own against the family, she is finally defeated by Fiskerton.

She is seen later in "The Atlas Pin", where she is using her Kur-sensing relic around Kur's tomb, only for Argost to steal it so he can use it to find Kur. Rani Nagi and her Nagas had possession of the Flute of Gilgamesh which Zak and Fiskerton stole.
She enlists the Saturdays' aid in retrieving her stolen relic, threatening to remove the Atlas Pin should they refuse to comply. She and her fellow Nagas helped the Saturdays along with the scientists stop Gokul when Zak's life was threatened by Gokul using the Flute of Gilgamesh on him. Drew, Zak, and Komodo manage to stop her with help from Kumari Kandam, though she and her followers escapes capture.
However, when Drew learned that the Nagas were dark mystics, she says the relic must be destroyed which Fiskerton does.

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