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A successful human stalker, perhaps out stalking animals to photograph, may don camouflage of various colours to hide or blend in with the surroundings.
Notice how the spider on the left is white, red and green, blending in with the flower it is on. Sometimes, the opposite seems to be true as these bees were readily caught in this lavender, by a rather un-camouflaged stalker.
The Black Spirit thinks that Rainbow Lizards are boring, and thinks you should learn about Bush Spiders instead. Kill Bush Spiders at the Naga Marsh, near the Central Guard Camp, until you complete the objective.
The quest objective may already be completed if you had previously killed enough Bush Spiders for the knowledge. If you would like to see "The Spiders Secret" published, just click LIKE to place your vote!
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You'll find these spiders almost everywhere on sunny days, lurking on flowers, shrubs, grasses and rocks. Although Jumping spiders are generally small (up to 12 mm) they can be fun to observe as they have an inquisitive nature, often striking colours and of course amazing jumping abilities. Everyone has seen a cobweb in the garden or often mysteriously appearing dusty, forgotten corners in the house. This garden spider builds large webs often two to three feet across, hanging from shrubs three to six feet off the ground. However, stalking spiders can't do this and so some can change colours to suit the flower of choice. This is a very effective method of hunting as the spider can sneak up on bees pollinating the flower.
In that case, just talk to the Black Spirit again to complete the quest and get the rewards.
Synergy of thought and creative process engaged hundreds of thousands to view, like and participate. When this goal is reached, we will be able to begin producing the first in the series of "Art and Time" books - unique collaborations between artists and poets. Donate a dollar, or few if you can, and if you can pledge more support you can choose from a menu of great gifts and rewards - simply'click the heart' to find out more! Once prey is spotted, they track, stalk and calculate the jumping distance, suddenly leaping out, propelled by their strong back legs.

Webs are usually built after dusk as the spider likes to hide away in leaves or trees during the day.
It's believed that the silk is charged with static electricity and the thready fluffs tangle the prey as it tries to escape. Note that once you accept "Secrets of Bush Spiders", the other quest is removed from your quest log and you cannot complete it or get it again. We believe that, through creativity, we can make a difference in this amazing world and that the ripples of change will eventually be felt all around the globe. If you observe a jumping spider, you'll see that it always releases a life-line when it leaps or drops down. A web is carefully constructed with the hope that something tasty wanders along or flies in and gets trapped. Since this site is to cover as many aspects of nature as possible, we've included a little introduction to the secret world of these little garden residents and their hunting techniques. Renowned and Burgeoning artists have created an opportunity, a visual keepsake presentation, that erases all imaginary lines, engages, explores, and substantiates our mission statement: Inspiring Change With Every Brush Stroke!
Their eyes are also capable focusing by moving out or inwards as well as turning up and down, left and right. Sometimes, web builders will wrap its prey up to immobilize it before administering a fatal bite.

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