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The World War II subject has been exhausted over the years, mainly due to the fact that it was featured in countless movies, documentaries and books. Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II is an expansion pack that aims to extend the original game with quite a bit of additional content, in the form of new weapons, maps and vehicles.
The premise, as it may be fairly obvious from the title, revolves around various weird, but interesting inventions that have their roots around that time, such as experimental vehicles, powerful tanks and even jetpacks, in order to make the matches a bit more fun. As usual, the multiplayer matches are always very visceral, especially since there are many fronts for the war to take place on.
Although the graphics engine did not suffer any modifications when it comes to textures, effects and technical capabilities, the new maps, weapons and vehicles have been nicely modeled to depict the real ones, at least in the case of the latter. Despite the fact that it is only an expansion, Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II makes a good case for itself and it can certainly be the source for countless hours of fun. The official site of The Secret World has a Q&A test to help you choose which of the game's secret societies you're best suited for. The Secret World's Illuminati faction is based in New York City and considered to be the "bad boys" of the underworld. The Dragon faction, based in The Secret World's version of Seoul, South Korea, has existed in some form for thousands of years. The Templars, based in The Secret World's version of London, is a zealous faction that has battled evil for centuries and is perhaps the least secret of the secret societies. However, the video games industry took a decent bite out of the subject as well, since there are entire franchises centered around the conflict and more than enough shooters that promise an authentic experience of the war.

However, it also tried to keep any other kind of modifications to a minimum, in order to maintain the feeling of the franchise and not risk breaking anything in the process, especially since the original release was so well received. However, most of the additions are taken from history books, which means that both the Axis and the Allies had some wild ideas prepared. The available vehicles allow you to quickly get from one side of the map to the other, whether by land, sea or air.
Obviously, the new guns also had to balance each other out, in order avoid one faction being stronger than the other due to the superior firepower. In addition, the experimental weapons and vehicles are very fun to fool around with, while the maps are very diverse and engaging. The faction's roots date back to the days of ancient Egypt, though today, it's known for fabulously extravagant parties held by its rich-and-famous members, who are celebrities and captains of industry alike. This faction specializes in indirectly influencing the flow of history by using subtle political suggestions, strategic alliances, and maybe a quiet assassination here and there to turn its enemies against each other and eventually get its way.
Its syndicate has combined military might with religious clout and often operated openly since the days of the Babylonian empire. Moreover, the new maps features all the mediums and they make it very easy to use all the tools in a very efficient manner.
The Secret World is the third MMO of Funcom and features a unique modern-day setting in which you can discover real world locations such as New York, London and Seoul, all while battling the forces of evil along with thousands of players from around the world. This faction believes that honor is a myth, the dollar is indeed almighty, and survival should be enjoyed only by the fittest.

While members of the Dragon faction don't fear using force, they also don't believe in excessive use of it; they prefer instead to humbly listen to their elders, peers, and the universe. While the so-called "Knights Templar," an offshoot of this faction, has been identified by conspiracy theorists as an influential group, the true Templar faction possesses far more resources and influence across all of Europe, as well as spans parliamentary seats and even members of royal families. It uses no classes or levels,and gives you complete freedom when creating and developing your alter-ego. Progress through the quiz and you'll see which of the game's factions you belong with: Illuminati, Dragons, or Templars.
While it takes wealth, power, and ambition just to gain entry to the Illuminati, it also takes complete ruthlessness and a single-minded focus on ransacking every store of wealth on the planet to truly advance oneself here.
They especially like it when you underestimate them, and those that do underestimate members of this faction generally come to regret doing so sooner or later.
Templars believe that right makes might and that liberal applications of both will win the war against darkness.

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