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This article has been evaluated to be at quality level 5.This article may seem complete to the untrained eye, but the gaps in information are still large enough for this elite team of Panauan Ninjas to hide inside of.
Mission briefing on the map: "Dimah has discovered a connection between the ruined power plant Vis Electra and the powerful Airstrike FOW that protects the main tower of Di Ravello's central command base, Cima Leon. Once the machines are gone, Dimah will explain that the FOW weapon at Cima Leon is disabled.
She'll tell you that the nearby pipeline is transporting power for the FOW weapon and that there must be a "command node" at the other end, the destruction of which would disable the node.

It will reach a lake where the end of the pipe is guarded by two Medici Military boats and multiple soldiers. She'll open another round blast door in the side of the room to let you out through a short tunnel. If you're low on ammunition, notice that there's some Red Barrels next to the machines on both sides. Rico asks if they're Dimahs friends, but she explains that she doesn't have time for friends and that they are perhaps colleagues.

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