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It became a common belief among the Third Reich elite towards the end of the war that the Fuhrer was putting his faith in hi-tech weaponry to repel the enemy at the gates. Although Hitler was said to be 'consumed' by this project, the more conventional bombers flown by the RAF and the USAAF destroyed all the prototypes before the first one left the ground.The programme also looked at a 1,000ton tank something called The Rat.
But no road or bridge could hold it, and its slow speed would have made it vulnerable to hunter-killer aircraft. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Prisoners of the Allies claimed to have seen the silvery flying saucer, which was about six yards across, on several occasions.
The documents may also contain information about Eichmanna€™s abduction and possible cooperation between Israel and Germany. During WWII Germany developed a huge range of highly sophisticated weapon systems ranging from air to air, air to ground and surface to air missiles and bombs as well as a very advanced range of prop, rocket and jet powered aircraft. There is nothing new in the concept of many of todays’ modern weapon systems when you examine WWII German innovations – they developed the Cruise missile (V1), the ballistic Missile (V2). After the War the allies did their best to capture and study the new technologies and many of the weapons and systems developed during the war allowed for rapid progress post war in the hands of the victors. Once all of the weapons were studied and evaluated a lot of the material was discarded or scrapped, but much of it has survived as a record of the innovation of the time. Annie Droege, an Englishwoman, moved to Germany in the early 1900s where she wrote her account of life in WWI. The secret diary penned behind enemy lines by Annie Droege, originally from Stockport, Cheshire, has been uncovered and lovingly transformed into a book.

Annie was in the unique position of being an Englishwoman in a German garrison town, with friends fighting for the Kaiser but also had family members in the trenches along the Western Front. The reason for his internment was that his mother was English - though his father was German. Some of these ideas were ahead of their time and reached a more advanced design stage, and even affect aircraft today.
The programme looked at whether any of these projects could in fact have swung the war in the Nazis' favour.Using blueprints and plans allied to modern computer technology, National Geographic scientists and military historians analysed Hitler's plans to see if the war might have had a different ending.
Codenamed the 'America Bomber' because that was to be its goal, this leviathan was intended to fly non-stop across the Atlantic and back again - something no aircraft of the time could do.
It was testament to Hitler's increasingly demented thinking and in 1943 armaments minister Albert Speer cancelled the project. The idea of building flying saucers to bomb London and even New York could have been just such a scheme. Thursday's ruling followed a decision last year in which the court said the Federal Intelligence Service had to release some material it had previously kept secret.Israeli Mossad agents abducted Eichmann in Buenos Aires in 1960 and took him to Jerusalem for trial. Attorneys representing Germanya€™s intelligence service claim some of the data in the files was obtained by a foreign intelligence agency and argued that exposing it could damage ties with intelligence organizations of other nations.Eichmann was once interviewed in Buenos Aries during his long years as a fugitive by an extreme neo-Nazi journalist. Warbirds Online has traveled the world to many museums and collections and today we present images of the odd, fantastic and curious weapons of WW11 Germany.  These are not concepts, they were actually built. Air to air Missile, Air to Ground Missile, Glide Bomb, Jet Fighter, rocket fighter and many more. There was much progress in the space race and the nuclear industry as well as aerospace fueled by the work of scientists from Germany.

The Fritz X guided bombs were used against the Italian battlefleet as it made its way to Malta to surrender and sank the battleship Roma. Indeed much of the progress that allowed man to walk on the Moon can be traced directly back to German innovation. They also had a house in Kvnigswinter and another by the salt springs in Bad Salzdetfurth.On November 6, 1914, Arthur was interned in Ruhleben, Berlin, where many people with British connections were held at the former racetrack turned prison camp. Luckily for it, the bomb was so powerful it went through the ship like butter, blowing up only after exiting the hull.Other weapons that comforted Hitler as his world collapsed included the Viper, the world's first vertical take-off plane. The Henschel 293 glider bomb was used sporadically from the summer of 1943  and was guided to its target by a joystick controller. Ten of these were ready for action at Kircheim Unter Tech in southwest Germany during 1945 but were never used against the enemy.His scientists also made an acoustic cannon, which was supposed to be able to kill men with sound waves at a range of 70 yards. The Fiesler 103 was known in Britain as the V1, with the first flying bomb launched against London in June 1044.  By September of the same year more than 8,500 of these had been fired at London. But it didn't work and the project was junked.But the Germans did turn out a wind cannon, which could shatter wooden boards at a distance of 200 yards with jets of compressed air.

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