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A restaurant that calls itself “the best-kept secret in Texas” has turned whispers into an uproar. Plans are to open in mid-September “give or take,” said Will, who has lived in Amarillo for several years. The interior design combines old barn wood, windmills and other rustic materials into a space that’s familiar and comfy — or it will be, when it’s all set up. An 8-foot diameter windmill wheel creates a dropped ceiling ornament for the horseshoe-shaped bar. If it seems I’ve mentioned the address before, it’s last occupant was Saddle Brook Jockey Club. The company last week signed a lease for space in the Summit Shopping Center on Coulter Street at Southwest 45th Avenue, according to Roman Leal.
Since Leal and his wife, Amy, opened the business in 2009, Evocation has expanded its reach to provide premium roast beans for a number of coffeehouses in Amarillo and cities in Texas and other states, he said. The company will keep its roasting lab at its current Western Business Park location and add a tasting room and training laboratory. Stage Stores, which operates retail brands that include Bealls, recently announced a multi-year plan to close 90 underperforming stores due to lagging profits.
The company has not specified stores to be shuttered because it wants to give employees ample time to prepare, according to Andrea Molette, vice president of media and public relations for Stage Stores. Amarillo has Bealls stores at East Interstate 40 and Grand Street, on Southwest 45th Avenue and in Westgate Mall.
The bikers will cover just more than 62 miles on trails touched up by local volunteers during the second annual Bush Center Warrior 100K Ride, part of the George W. The park will remain open, but when a trail is in use for the ride it will be closed for a few hours.
A spokesman for the Secret Service office in Lubbock did not reply to a request for comment. The agency’s website said its activities go beyond providing the men in dark suits, sunglasses and ear pieces.
The assessments include coordinating with local law enforcement and looking at the need for manpower and equipment and the location of hospitals and evacuation routes, according to the site. The iconic agency lately has been rocked by scandal after allegations surfaced a dozen employees — either counterassault team agents or uniformed officers — hired prostitutes, visited strip clubs and boozed heavily during President Barack Obama’s trip to Colombia for the Summit of the Americas.
The Secret Service has been protecting presidents since Grover Cleveland was in office in 1894. PhotosToby Tucker, left, and Tommy Tucker enjoy the wide open spaces of the Texas Panhandle.
The random person traveling down Interstate 40 will look at the terrain of the Texas Panhandle and never consider it to be one of the best areas for outdoor adventures.  We truly live in a place that is still the best-kept secret for trophy animals, beautiful scenery and ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. In this area, we consider our farmers the backbone of communities that are dotted across our area.

Multiple crops, such as corn, oats, soybeans, cotton and, most importantly wheat, not only provide for our local economy but provide for a multitude of game that each year we enjoy.
Take Amarillo and draw a circle 90 miles around it, and it is amazing to see the multitude of opportunities we have at our fingertips.
We even have our share of interesting events. From the championship chicken chasing in Claude, to cow calling in Miami, we never have a dull moment. For the most part people support agriculture and the outdoors, and also understand the importance of the lessons that Mother Nature offers. We all know how hard it is to keep a secret. When you have something as good as our area, the word is for sure to get out.
The leaky World War II-era building is one of the Pantex Plant’s oldest, most secret facilities. Inside, engineers test and sample high explosives to ensure they meet rigorous standards for the U.S.
A government staffer who also has toured the dilapidated building in Pantex’s Zone 11 said the roof leaks when it rains and water streaks dot its interior walls. Periodically, employees must put tarps over the high-explosives testing equipment to protect it from rain and the elements. Frank Klotz, a retired Air Force general who oversees Pantex and the nation’s entire nuclear weapons complex, toured Pantex recently to take stock of the installation. In January, plant officials said they completed a major Pantex project, a $36 million high-pressure fire loop system that can instantly deluge nuclear weapons bays and cells with water to snuff out a fire.
The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, a congressional watchdog agency, cited concerns about fire protection after safety officials cited fears about the potential threat of a fire and accidental high-explosive blast that could disperse plutonium and other nuclear materials into the air. The system provides water to about 100 Pantex facilities and required nearly 20,000 feet of corrosion-resistant plastic pipe, plus fire hydrants and dozens of valves. The National Nuclear Security Administration, Klotz said, is now finishing a new Pantex high explosives pressing facility that will modernize the plant’s explosives operations. Construction of the $65 million, 45,000-square-foot facility began in 2011, and it is expected to be operational in September 2016.
So far, the project, managed by Pantex contractor Consolidated Nuclear Security LLC and the Army Corps of Engineers, is on time and within budget, NNSA officials said.
In June, Pantex and Siemens USA completed a five-turbine, privately financed wind farm expected to provide more than 60 percent of the plant’s yearly energy needs, saving an estimated $2.8 million in annual energy costs over the next 18 years.
Steve Erhart, manager of the NNSA’s Nuclear Production Office that oversees Pantex and a Tennessee weapons plant, said the agency also plans to add another High Explosive Science and Engineering facility that eventually will replace other aging Pantex structures.
The NNSA, Klotz said, is taking steps to fix infrastructure throughout the weapons complex and points to a new state-of-the art Kansas City facility where nuclear weapons components are manufactured as one of the agency’s recent successes. The general said the NNSA also has built new facilities at New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratories, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories near San Francisco and at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
Thornberry, too, said infrastructure problems continue to mount at Pantex and across the weapons complex.

Another infrastructure issue facing Pantex is the plant’s plutonium storage facilities, where thousands of radioactive cores for nuclear weapons are stored.
The NNSA recently announced plans to build new plutonium facilities at Pantex to move storage underground and reduce security costs, but those have yet to be finalized.
But that does not mean the original location in McLean — open since the late 1990s — will close. And there are windmill tails on the wall, including one that once was a museum piece, Will said. That occupancy includes 40 or more seats in a room that can be reserved for events, Will said.
Tucked into the information: that Apple Watches will be sold in more than 900 Best Buy stores beginning Sept. The free speech will benefit the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pa., which is dedicated to the 40 victims of the air crash there Sept. While Clinton has protection for life, legislation enacted in 1997 limited the protection, so Bush will have access to it until 2019, 10 years after his term ended. Its 2012 budget is $1 billion, according to an April Congressional Research Service report.
There are not many places in the world where you can hunt a wheat field in the morning, a corn field in the afternoon, and then sit on the rim of a CRP field that backs up to the breaks of the Palo Duro Canyon before sunset. That coupled with short travel to the fields make a great combination. Dust seeps in through its doors, a resident snake keeps rodents at bay and the electrical system is outdated.
Mac Thornberry, a Clarendon Republican who has visited the building and serves as vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Other workers were installing wood-look flooring, and cook Rex Roberts was unwrapping and putting together dining chairs. Bush will bike the trails of the state park Thursday through Saturday with 20 “wounded warriors” picked for their bravery and sacrifices in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush will ride with 20 military personnel who were significantly injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Park visitors will see enhanced security and some trail closings Thursday through Sunday as former President George W. Bush and 20 military service members participate in the second annual Bush Center Warrior 100K Ride. Hillary Rodham Clinton, in her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination at Amarillo Civic Center.Those who visited before becoming president were Johnson in 1950 and 1959, John F.

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