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On June 1 we are releasing a Monarch Butterfly in your honor – you will find our wishes with the butterfly and you will get your wings. How fitting for a Queen to live in the Secret Garden; we fondly remember the poem you wrote for the opening of The Secret Garden. I wonder where this poem will stand in today's noisy world where people are advised to express their love like a parrot day and night!
Well, let me tell you something Bill- if someone stared at me like your picture shows I would have to leave also. I think admiring someone is the closest we ever get to love, ie if the other person dosen't love you back.

I was ill, lying on my bed of old papers,when you came with white rabbits in your arms; and the doves scattered upwards, flying to mothers, and the snails sighed under their baggage of stone . Love and respect will follow you from everyone in Las Vegas – our Magical Love will always be connected to your name.
The three greatest poets, in my opinion, are Shakespeare, Donne and Blake - with Larkin a possible fourth.
Go find some ugly girl to love then you won't feel so bad (just don't stare at her) Just kidding everyone! What Blake is deprecating is the lover who cannot stop talking about his love instead of getting on with it - a sure sign of impotence!

Pull your pants back up and quit dancing around the room- I was just kidding with ol' Bill here.

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