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If you really wanted it to be hidden you’d have to do something about both those problems. An alternative to the tilting book would be one of those magnetic latches hidden someplace… conceal the magnet in the book, and lift it off the shelf! Travelling in Belgium I saw some rooms where they decorated walls with intarsia that made doors nearly impossible to discern unless you stood about 1 foot away. Another method might be to actually hang a door in front of the bookcase and keep the molding as is. Not sure what you had in mind for the latch, but I’ve seen one of these that uses the tilted-book method. It always seems to be the final touches that take the most time especially on something different. Yeah it might be nice to have a caster on the back of the shelf on the side of the door away from the hinges. I also second the ideas above about making it concealed, if that’s what you want to do.

Folks, I’m in central California, can anyone recommend someone who could build a secret room in my house for me ?
Vito { They don't sell the curbing machine at harbor freight, they use to sell it online for about 1,500 new.
There is a big market where they sell everything from clothing, jewelry, crafts, furniture and electronics.
Beside all the over-the-top outdoor elements, the mansion at the center of it all is nothing to sneer at either. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Two years from now when someone who’s never seen it comes over to his house and Beano finds a way to work around to opening the creaking secret door, the sounds of jaws dropping will most likely be heard next door. Here you will find plenty of restaurants, some shopping, pharmacies, travel agencies and bars. But this huge waterpark in the Nevada desert is in fact the private pool of an outrageous mansion near Boulder City.

For the prospective buyers who are not interested in splashing around in the crystal-blue pools or stealing away to a secret waterfall grotto, there is still plenty of fun to be had as the propertyA  features a tennis court and two putting greens, AOL Real Estate reported.
While the identity of the luxury homea€™s previous owners has not been revealed, it is known that the estate was built in 2004. Her second favorite job next to keeping squirrels off the lawn (or keeping her food bowl empty). A lazy river meanders round the backyard, taking swimmers past features such as a 20-foot diving pool and a cobblestone-lined water slide.And once the residents have worn themselves out, they can relax in a secret grotto hidden behind a waterfall or take a stool at the old-West saloon.

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