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Electrical engineers measured energetic beam situated in the center of The Pyramid of the Sun. We will follow up soon with the survey report from The Pyramid of the Moon in Visoko, next from The King´ss Barrow in Vratnica and from the small town of Zavidovici, where we examined the stone spheres discovered just couple of years ago. Maybe it was pu where it was because it was the best place to get the materials for construction. If this thing has tunnels and passageways, then it has to be related to pyramids on other continents.
One thing I notice is that the bosnian 'pyramid(s)' is not built on a plain (like the chinese and egyptian pyramids).
And as for the idea that 50% of the Balkan population is descended from the 'builders' of these 'pyramids'. Odd how many of the Euro pyramids appear either underwater with no evidence whatsoever (off the coast of Ireland) or in hilly regions.
Just looking at the map showing the line between the supposed 'Pyramids of Europe' Giza and Mecca is quite funny.
Visoko was a center of the Bosnian Church with the bishop placed in Biskupici area 4 km away from Visoko.

The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. The theory of the Bosnian pyramids assumes that the Visocica hill and two nearby hills near Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina are actually giant pyramids built by human hands within the period between 12 000 and 500 BC.Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest pyramid in the world with a height of over 220 meters.
If you have any QR Code app on your smartphone, you can access our site easily just by scanning the code beside. They don't appear to be ancient, which begs the question what are they for, Missile silos perhaps? Sam Semir Osmanagich who is the head and author of archeological research and all the project in Visoko. How did they manage to build structures which were much stronger than those we do now in the 21st century? Sam Semir Osmanagich to explain what has been found lately and so far in the Bosnian valley of the Pyramids.
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Then in the 16th century settlers from the Ottoman empire came to spread Islam to the Chrisitians.

The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. I can't tell you how much it means to me to be named an honorary citizen of Sarajevo, a city so dear to my heart. Exterior of the revealed pyramid is covered, or better say tiled, by stone-hard blocks made of original mixture and by genuine technology.
He told us about how the pyramid was built, what was the use of tunnels underneath that and much much more.
This fact, together with many others, indicates presence and activity of unknown ancient civilization.

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