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The Secret Race is his admission to doping while a professional cyclist as well as fascinating insight into how doping works, the pitfalls, side effects and issues it caused both physically, emotionally, personally and professionally.
In the end this book goes on to detail the doping practices that lead to Lance Armstrong winning 7 consecutive Tours and having those titles stripped. Outside of the fascinating story that is Scott Jurek is insight into the health benefits of going meatless and how Scott made this transition over time from a Big Mac eating teen to a vegan chef while sharing some of his best recipes for everything from guacamole to burgers and from granola to chili. I have never been an avid reader but lately have begun to read more as a recovery activity while reducing the time spent watching TV. The ICEdot Crash Sensor attaches to a helmet and notifies emergency contacts of a crash and your location. I’m working on a post about the book I just finished, The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascomb.
For cyclists, Christmas is a time for planning the coming racing or sportive season, buying (or dreaming of!) a brand new bike, and doing their best to keep up with the winter training.
Keep your head and ears warm when you are off the bike with this bobble hat from East London cycle clothing company Hackney GT. Like it or lump it, in the winter months it’s going to rain and you will get sweaty when putting in some effort. Science In Sport has been at the forefront of sports nutrition and shall be supplying Team Sky for 2016. Made from recycled bike chains, you’ll struggle to find jewellery that shouts “I’m a cyclist” louder than these bespoke earrings from Katie’s Bike. In addition to its Stealth nutrition products Secret Training has a range of personal care products, that it calls Secret Training Race Informed Products (STRIP). With more and more bikes either being carbon or having carbon parts, it is fundamental to tighten any bolts to the correct torque.
Now that Sir Bradley Wiggins has returned to riding on the track, why not get into track riding with a taster session at the Olympic Velodrome. This elegant looking leather belt is made for Rapha by Anderson’s of Parma- who have been making belts in their Italian workshop since 1966.
In an era when lighter is seen as better, it might be refreshing to pay homage to the cyclists of decades past.

Until Peaty’s Steel City DH appeared four years ago, the Sheffield area for all its awesome riding was lacking much in the way of racing. Located between Sheffield and Chesterfield on private land, the track has been slowly taking shape through the hard work of a small but dedicated crew. The race is on Sunday the 14th of September and the tack looks like a fun, tight woodsy single track with quite a few nice features as well.
The Best slot car race track sets Deal is Carrera Go Disney Cars 2 – Secret Mission Race Set from amazon We, Rolling Luggages look thorough many kinds of slot car race track sets that you looking for but the best deal is from amazon you can get the lowest price there. Enjoyed this Post?Subscribe to our RSS Feed, or simply recommend us to friends and colleagues! Hot Wheels lit up Customs House in Sydney, showcasing groundbreaking 3D projection technology. It’s also a great excuse to buy yourself and your bike some presents, and of course buy stuff for friends and family who like to ride too.
Human Race have a large portfolio of events, so there’s no excuse not to get racing with this gift card. With this t-shirt, from a company based on the Kentish coast, your friends will know you’re a keen cyclist.
The frame stickers from Petagin mean you can give your bike a personal touch and avoid any embarrassing mistakes at the cafe stop. With the PhonePac you can ensure your, or your mate’s, money is dry when the time comes to pay for cake. With six different colours to choose from and costing only ?17 these could be a great stocking filler for the other cyclist in your life. The Ale headband can be worn beneath a helmet and should keep you warm when the temperature drops.
Thus nice, nine piece bundle of STRIP personal care products will help the racer in your life get ready for races and freshen up afterwards. In effect it is a standard short sleeve cycling jersey- silicon grippers, full zip and rear pockets- with just one stand out difference, it’s covered in festive decals. In addition to looking exquisite, the bag is also practical with a laptop compartment, several internal pockets and pouch for a bottle.

The one hour coached sessions will teach to how to ride a fixed wheel and how to ride safely on the track- Rio might be too soon but…..
Who doesn’t need an oversized corkscrew from one of cycling’s most famous brands?
Over the winter the Bolle 5th Elements are a particularly good option with their low light lenses. The belt has a section of high-stretch woven fabric alongside the calfskin leather- the idea is to prevent stretching and improve longevity. The aluminium Islabike is designed to teach the little ones how to balance on two wheels without stabilizers and help the progression towards pedaling.
The lace up Reflective are not only top quality shoes they’re also the most eye catching shoes out there. We now have the Nutcracker XC to add to the calendar, but for those who prefer hings a little bit more gravity orientated you’ll be pleased to hear that there is another race happening nearby too.
Wanting to showcase their work as well as raising money to aid the construction of further tracks the group have organised the Secret Allotment Downhill Race. Think Steel City DH, but a bit more natural and with all the facilities you would expect at a good race too. The Hot Wheels Skull Racers shattered the facade of the building as they competed in the ultimate Secret Race Battle. Up next on the list is a re-read of Born To Run (the first recovery book I read) as well as Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra. Available in seven different colours the bold red option will look great over the Christmas period. This new Cars 2 – Secret Mission Set includes the favorite tow truck Mater, as well as newcomer Finn McMissile.

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