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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, an Australian community, in a worldwide religious congregation.
We work to discover through advocacy, healing and reconciliation, God's presence in our world. The reason for mentioning this ABC miniseries on this site is that it was produced by Stephen Luby, past student of Daramalan College, Canberra, and, for some time a student with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.
Fifteen years ago Stephen teamed up with fellow producer Mark Ruse to form Ruby Entertainment, a production company dedicated to quality entertainment programming for a wide audience. Stephen has won the Variety “Top 10 Producers to Watch” award, and has been recipient of the Screen Producer’s Association of Australia “Producer of the Year” award on 2 occasions. The Secret River is based on a prize-winning novel by Kate Grenfell, a fictional account of the early years of the penal settlement in Sydney, just after its establishment as a prison for convicts, with the arrival of free settlers and the pardoning of convicts and their being able to find a home in Australia rather than returning to England. The film, screened as a miniseries, is beautiful to look at, interesting re-construction of the early colony, the buildings, the wharves, the homes in Sydney, as well as the pioneering efforts of the settlers in the Hawkesbury River area, filled with recurring visuals of great beauty. The drama focuses on one family, the Thornhills, with William Thornhill transported to Australia for stealing to feed his family, a conscientious man who is pardoned and allowed to work as a free settler.
Englishman Oliver Jackson-Cohen is strong as William Thornhill and SarahSnook (Sisters of War, Predestination, Not Suitable for Children) is persuasive as his strong minded wife. A short day trip down to one of my favourite areas for a bit of fishing, and to see how the area fared after some pretty full on storms!
As an added bonus, a ford across the river had been created, meaning I now had a much quicker way to get in here.

Plot: As the town of Dog River goes bankrupt the residents of the town must pack up and move out. We've had our 80 series Landcruiser for a couple of years now, and have done a lot of work to it. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested.
The site is made possible by a network of volunteers who have gathered and contributed this historical information.
On leaving, Stephen worked for Catholic Communications, Archdiocese of Melbourne, where he produced a number of documentaries, and then moved into commercial production. He began as a documentary maker, then moved into prime time entertainment television where he worked on high profile sketch comedy series such as Full Frontal, Jimeoin and Big Girl’s Blouse . His wife had also come on the ship, not as convict, but as free, and therefore able to take responsibility for her husband, her establishing a rum shop and his working on boats for trade. They are seen as a presence, appearing and disappearing, lighting fires with smoke to communicate about the arrival of the white settlers, presuming to be able to walk through their land, planting yams for food, the women weaving baskets, scenes of corroboration denunciations, scenes of misunderstanding because of the differences in language.
In return, we've had some truly amazing trips with it, and created memories that money can't buy. Sumner, Bill Shaw, James Blackwood, Wally Varner) (Re-issued in 1975 as Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere on RCA Camden ACL1-0831, minus 2 songs named "I'll Be True" and "Jesus Fills My Ev'ry Need" ). Sumner, Bill Shaw, James Blackwood, Wally Varner) (Re-issued in 1974 as On Tour on RCA Camden ACL1-0428, minus 2 songs named Some Wonderful Day and The Prodigal Son).

Sumner, Jackie Marshall, Wally Varner*) (*Wally Varner played on "For My Good Fortune" only according to Rock-A-My-Soul booklet that came with a Blackwood Brothers box set.).
Subsequent productions have included the Murray Whelan telemovies for the Seven Network, Foxtel comedy Whatever Happened to That Guy? The detail about life in Sydney, trade, the development of business, the need for food, its transporting, the role of the military, something of their brutality, especially in flogging, and the role of the government.
However, there is some hope with one of the settlers, Tom Blackwood, played by blocking human, learning the language, having an aboriginal wife and child. The first version with the people seated inside the church is rare and has no box around the Skylite label.
Another feature – The Extra­ – was in 2006 the first Australian film to screen commercially in China since Crocodile Dundee!
There are glimpses of possibilities of harmony with children playing together and with the women of the colony being able to coexist. William Thornhill himself grows harder as the film goes on, State his claim, presuming that it is his, becoming more and more suspicious of the aborigines and finally with the white mob group attacking and killing them.

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