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Whether they remind you of Chicago speakeasies, medieval assassination plots or Cold-War precautions, secret rooms and passages have an undeniable mystique and appeal to them. Secret rooms today can provide you and your family with a safe haven or store room in the case of an emergency.
We actually lived up here in this room, in this state, for 4 months from December to April this year, while our bedroom was being knocked through into the dressing room. We stripped out all the fitted wardrobes and shelves, stripped the wallpaper (lovely wood chip and anaglypta,) moved a radiator and some plugs, fitted a new double glazed window and had it replastered. We papered our old hallway down one side in this wallpaper and happened to have a roll left over. Furniture wise we were on a serious, totally-out-of-money-doing-up-the-kitchen budget and went to IKEA for the bed. The curtains are in Sanderson Home fabric, called Angel Ferns and were a bit of a steal from John Lewis – one of their display curtains I bought and took apart for the old house spare room, they have been re-made again for this room although they still need taking up a little more, as you can see here. Paired with the tiny stripe coffee cream fitted sheet, it adds to the layered patterns and textures look I was going for. For finishing touches, I layered up a cushion made with scraps from the curtains and a textured yellow and linen John Lewis cushion. Disclaimer: The Secret Linen Store provided the Dotty coffee cream bedding set and tiny stripe coffee cream fitted sheet for review.
While we’re talking about house projects, have I missed the write up and full reveal on your kitchen?
Childhood is a precious time when everything seems possible, everything is interesting and every experience, stimulus, person, and toy is a building block in their developing personalities.
We can only wonder how these rooms feel and look to the kids living in them, given children’s wild imaginations. Featuring everything from tiny courtyards to larger suburban gardens with pools, locations are clustered mainly through Sydney’s North Shore and Eastern Suburbs, making it easy to get to all the gardens over one weekend.

As it’s such a sunny light and bright room, it seemed obvious to use it up here, but unfortunately due to the height of the wall we chose to do we had to buy an extra roll. The bedding has a subtle soft sheen and a lovely weight to it and I particularly liked the contrast of the coffee dots on cream in the pillow and reversed pattern of cream on coffee for the duvet. The lights are from our old room with Graham and Green shades; The drawer handles are Anthropologie, as are the two candles on the left hand bedside. The Secret Linen Store are offering 12% off to Florence Finds readers until December 31st 2014. I think it is made even more fabulous to find you have reused and repurposed so many of the items in the room. Finding it so difficult to choose the right white paint for our house, Sail White looks lovely.
Really love the bedding just wish that style came in other colours and I’d be ordering some! It’s amazing how much of a difference doing something little like replacing the knobs on the bedside table can make. No wonder, then, that many parents spend a great deal of effort and time to make the childhood of their kids as memorable, vivid, and happy as possible. When you‘re a child, a stick can easily become a sword and a tree can transform into a rocket, so we can only guess how it might feel to spend your childhood with a huge fantastic ship hanging over your room.
Many well-known Sydney landscape designers will have a garden, courtyard or outdoor space opening, include Secret Gardens, Spirit Level Design, Michele Shennen, Michael Cooke, Brendan Moar, GoodManors Pools + Gardens and Imperial Gardens. Numerous monarchs and rulers throughout history have made their escapes (or met their ends) all thanks to secret rooms and passageways.
Whatever the case may be, it is their secrecy and mystique that makes them so appealing to us. We chose a white we have used in the past (Sail White by Crown) which is a very slightly warmer shade of white that just avoids looking stark.

I think every room should have something old in it, in a house of this age it just makes things look more natural. I try to do that by choosing complementary linens, piling the pillows high, making sure the linen is ironed and then adding cushions and throws.
I can certainly promise you won’t be disappointed if you treat yourself to some of their bed linen to finish off one of your projects. I wanna use that Cole & Son wallpaper in our master bedroom but we’re planning to move house in 2015 so my decorating cravings are currently unsatisfied thanks for showing me what can be done!
And thanks for the Secret Linen code – I’ve just ordered the white version of your bedding, along with a couple of cushions for good measure! With so many great examples online, we couldn’t help but show you these 22 remarkable children‘s bedroom interiors that make childhood just a little bit more wonderful. Let’s just hope that these lucky kids don’t get tired of these insanely imaginative interiors too soon.
Modern presidents and other VIPs are also often protected by panic rooms, should the need arise. We use fit in our previous hallway where it was also paired with this Cole and Son Cow Parsley wallpaper. The Secret Linen Store came to my rescue here and dressed the bed in their Dotty coffee cream bedding set. And my latest edition is this amazing big desk I have got for the spare room, which is now my sewing and craft room! The L-shaped room lends itself to being segregated like this but as when we started the project I was about 36 weeks pregnant, we focused on the bedroom side of things.

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