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The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun is an action video game developed by High Voltage Software and 1st Playable Productions and released on October 20, 2009, for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Wii consoles. Using the data Van Rook accessed, the Saturday's calculated that his buyer wanted information on Cryptids such as the Adaro.
Next the family locates a strange totem that draws in Cryptids like a "super natural dog whistle" and locate 7 more worldwide and proceeds to collect the nearest one. Back at the airship, Zak tries to convince his parents to go after Argost and the Orange Eyes, but Doc states that they have to beat Argost to the other Cryptids he's after. Zak studies Argost's ramblings from the intro and spots a cameo of the Azazel, a goat-like cryptid.
Doc analyzes a section of the Con-Rit's armor while Zak reveals that he swiped Munya's list of cryptids. The Family goes back to base only to see Argost getting away with the Cryptids they rescued. The family storms Weird World in a last-ditch effort to rescue the kidnapped Cryptids and Zak's claw.
We're sorry, but there's no news about "The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun" right now. The Antarctic Cryptid is the cryptid the Saturdays find in Antarctica while looking for Kur. When the Saturdays see this horrible looking creature has been trapped in suspended animation under the ice, everyone thought it was Kur.
It has been stated that this cryptid doesn't exist and was specially created for the final episode of the season. He has an eye patch over his left eye which covers up his scar as compared to Doc Saturday's scar on his right eye.
He can't even come up with an effective insult, telling the good Doc while they were fighting "Blah, blah, blah, blah, smart-talk science!" then blowing his tongue out at him. Fiskerton is apparently responsible for several attacks on Secret Scientists, so Zak and the family cryptids go on a quest to clear their names. Despite "Monday" being a supposed made up name for them, when Zak Saturday asks Drew Monday if she "Would you trust Zak Monday?" she responded with a "no". Komodo Monday says "As Zak sends your brothers to destroy all of Paris", but Zon is a girl.
They are blamed for killing livestock, and are normally mistaken for kangaroos at first glance. The game is based on the Cartoon Network animated television series The Secret Saturdays created by Jay Stephens.
Upon arriving at the glacier, Zak is attacked by a mixture of Argost's men and Shoji Fuzen's men (who were apparently under the control of neural parasites) but used a Waheela to defeat them and used an Adaro to fight off Tatzelwurms and Komodo to help navigate difficult terrain. Doc states that he's manage to retrieve more data from what Van Rook Stole and they all fall into 8 Geographic locals. Zak tells his parents but when they asked where Zak learned about the Azazel, he stated that he was studying when he found it.

Drew and Doc get caught up in studying the nearby temple and leaves Zak to look for the next Cryptid. Doc believes they have arrived first because there's no structural damage aside from salt water erosion. They know Argost will be after the final Cryptid and suspect that it is in an Aztec temple. At first it's smaller then expected, having the appearance of a giant worm, but soon everyone realizes that they've greatly underestimated its size.
All Doc could say was "Umm, right back at you?" before punching him about a thousand miles away.
They are led to Paris by Zak and Komodo Monday, who need Zak to retrieve their airship from the antimatter universe, now accessible through the repaired smoke mirror. So it can be possible that Monday is their surname, as Drew Monday responded knowing who he was talking about, or it is possible she just went with it due to the circumstances.
He states that the Aztecs believe that we have burned through 4 suns already and we live under a 5th sun or as he calls it the "Sun of the 8 Beasts". Upon completing the level, Zak is met by Munya who has broken off the horn from an either dead or unconscious Adaro. After fighting off more men with the help of an Orange-Eyes and using Fiskerton to navigate difficult terrain, Argost kidnaps the Orange-Eyes. This makes Zak believe this has something to do with the Sun of the 8 Beasts and they move on to the nearest area in the pattern. The family goes to Egypt to pick it up after a series a mini-games which mainly involves protecting the Azazel from the Blemyah. Curiously Zon, Fiskerton, and Komodo are once again put under the spell of a totem until Drew broke them out of it.
After solving over a dozen puzzles using cryptids living in and around Argost's mansion, Zak finally gets the Claw back just in time for a boss fight with Argost, which reveals that Argost has already concentrated the seven cryptids powers into a large sun like sphere. In reality it is an utterly gigantic behemoth with six snake-like heads and a total of twelve mouths (one on his face, one on each forearm, one for each of the snake-like heads, and three on his chest). Jay wanted a creature that could be very easily mistaken for Kur (so he probably just made it up). As the Mondays family is made of anti-matter, and the Saturdays are made of "matter" so when they got near, the laws of physics stopped working right. According to the Aztecs there will never be a sixth sun and closes with "Are you afraid of the dark NOW." Mere moments later, the Screens flash intruder alert and Drew tells Zak to stay but Doc asks that he helps check out the place. At an active volcano where the next beast, the burning man, is supposed to live, Doc and Drew tell Zak to stay put, but he goes in after Pietro "Piecemeal" Maltese scares off Fiskerton and Komodo. Zak encounters the Wampus cat, and Doyle, and it is made clear that Fuzen's mind controlled minions are after its evidence by putting it in a cage repeatedly. Argost locks Zak in an Aztec booby trap and takes his claw then releases Zak into a Cryptid infested jungle intended to let the Cryptids finish him off but they fail. Two forms of cryptids live inside it body, Shedu and Sirrush, which the creature can use to defend itself.

He is not very smart, saying nothing but "Bad, bad, bad," when he was left behind by Zak and Komodo.
Explaining why the good Doc was able to punch Doc Monday around the world, and why the evil one came back around and landed on him. Using Cryptids that had broken into the facility specifically a Cafre and Fiskerton to fight off some of Argost's minion's. After fighting through the Cryptids in the volcano and Piecemeal, the volcano is about to erupt with Piecemeal stealing the Burning Man apparently with the intention of eating him. However the fight has broken the back of the city and Zak swims to the surface with the Con-Rit. Doyle states that if Finster does have the Kikiyaon, then it is in a research lab in the desert. Curiously, Fiskerton mistook this creature for Kur, leading to the speculation that this creature may have some sort of connection to Kur, or may simply be an old enemy of the Lemurians. Like the rest of his family, he is hated by many people in the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca. He reappears in Paris is Melting, still stuck in the mirror but at least he got the chance to beat up Zak and Komodo Monday for leaving them. Thus, when Zak and Komodo Monday try to take off with it, it falls out of the sky and back into the mirror, trapping the Mondays in their own dimension once more. Shortly there after Zak fights a Kingstie as a mini boss followed by Van Rook (who had stolen files on various Cryptids) as the main boss.
Through using the Cryptids in the lab and even the Kikiyaon itself, Finster's men and Finster himself are defeated.
Zak and Doyle are able to just narrowly retrieve the claw before the sun sphere detonates and everyone is rudely ejected from the mansion via another booby trap.
He seems to have a black, fingerless version of Doc Saturday's glove and wears it on his left hand instead of his right. After his defeat, Finster informs the family that he's already sent the Kikiyaon to Argost. However, the creature is not Kur (it is unknown what species it really is), but was beaten by Zak Saturday, who became the new Kur.
It is unknown if his glove has the same power since he is the complete opposite of Doc Saturday.
But thanks to it, Zak was revealed to be Kur and could tap in his full power in the cryptid's stomach.

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