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It has super powerful crocodile like jaws capable of tearing apart bone, flesh, and possibly anything it can get in the grasp of its mouth. The Biloko was featured in the illegal cryptid fights hosted by Van Rook were he went one on one with Fiskerton.
The Biloko appears at level 9 as a cryptid released by a code (The code is Zon, Zak, Zon, Fiskerton).
Description: You Are viewing new in unopened package Secret Saturdays Battle Pack Zak Saturday vs Mutant Munya. During the end it was seen rescued by Zak's Family and went to live in the wild with other cryptids. The Saturdays' super-fast airship, built by Doc Saturday, is the family's main mode of transportation when traveling the world. The Saturdays' airship runs on solar energy and produces no pollution, they get the energy through a Solar Collector on the top of the airship combined with stored energy from the supercell. Neither the Saturdays' nor the Mondays' airship requires filling any type of fuel (excluding by technicality energy made via solar panels). The ship is armed with minimal means of defence (only a few missiles on the pylons), and due to poor maneuverability, not suitable for aerial combat.

In addition, thanks to Komodo's camouflage ability, the airship can be rendered temporarily invisible.
Ever since the Saturdays HQ incident occurred, the airship as of now is the interim home for the Saturdays. It raw resembles a pumas but it's colored green, and has spikes (probably fused hair like a rhino horn or porcupine spikes).
It is unknown whether or not they can swim well like a crocodile but so far we have only seen them on land.They also have the ability to walk upright like apes. At first, the Biloko had the upper hand that is until Doyle told Fisk to forget everything Doc and Drew thought him about a fair fight and honor. This top of a small mountain on the side of the pyramid and when the escaneas gives a leap and a roar. Coloring pages plus allows you to create your own coloring book - a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity. Not to mention the result: the coloring pages are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room! Presumably, their engines are some form of coil motor that interacts with the Earth's electromagnetic field.

To compensate for this shortcoming, Doc Saturday created a "parasitic" fighter named the "Griffin", which is stored in the ship's hangar. The cactus cat was generally described being a bobcat-like creature, covered in spines like a porcupine, with particularly long spines extending from the legs and its armored, branching tail.
Whether your kid is a prescholler or older - coloring is an important contribution to your child's development. Although it's unlikely, the spikes were folklored to be able to be used as speeding missiles, similar to the old (but false) tales of porcupines shooting off their spines as projectiles. The creature was said to use its spines to slash cacti at night, allowing juice to run from the plants. In mythology these primates have been seen with a little gold bell that warms passing invaders. Instead of doing that, it puts any passing danger in a state of trance that makes the invader do as the Biloko says.

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