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Once More the Nightmare Factory was the eighteenth episode of Season 1 of The Secret Saturdays.
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They find out the cryptid sighting is near a beach resort, so they have a short vacation interlude.
Ironically, in the game "Beasts of the Fifth Sun", after the TV's broken by a cryptid, Doc says by the communicator: "That sound . Van RookSecret Saturdays - Battle Packs Released in 2009 by Mattel View - Add to Collection - Add to Wishlist - ContributeZak Saturday vs.
Argost that Fiskerton isn’t the cryptid Kur as he expected, but a Lemurian, which can lead him to Kur.

Doyle overhears this conversation, and enters the room to rescue Fiskerton shortly after the revelation.
After a battle with Miranda and Deadbolt, the Saturdays successfully break Deadbolt and toss Miranda into the jungle. Meanwhile, after the family goes though many trials, Drew is able to photograph the final piece of the Kur Stone. Doc asks Doyle to train Zak, recognizing that Doyle possesses unique skills that neither he nor Drew could teach.
Doyle agrees to this, but he and Fiskerton keep quiet about the information that they have learned. Zak, Fiskerton, and Komodo soon find the Ahuizotl, a large monkey-like beast with a tail that has a hand that steals eyes. Fortunately, a young girl, Tica, from the village give them masks so the Ahuizotl cannot steal their sight.

As the Saturdays rush to help Miranda, Zak learns he can control cryptids without eye contact. After a battle where Drew almost lost her eyes again, they seal the creature away in its tomb. As they leave, Drew and Doc busted Zak for watching Weird World, ending with Drew throwing the television out of the airship.

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