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Marvel is talking about everything ending with Secret Wars, so what's an ending without an apocalypse?
Marvel announced Wednesday via IGN a new comic series spinning out of Secret Wars titled Age of Apocalypse.
Marvel Comics’ June 2014 solicitations include forty-four tie-in books alongside the core Secret Wars mini-series event. Now, July 2015 follows and more books are being announced beyond what is in that updated Battleworld map. On top of all that, Marvel Comics has confirmed that cancellation of thirty-three (33) series that make-up for Secret Wars and some of which will be relaunched post-event mini-series. Max-Ernest is flying solo this time, as Cass is in a coma after having eaten the Time Travel chocolate.
This fourth installment in the series is just as amusing and engaging as the previous three. The story of Cass and Max-Ernest starts off where we last left them, awaiting initiation into the Terces Society.
The series, which references the major 1990s comics event of the same name, will be written by Fabian Nicieza and Gerardo Sandoval.

As of press time, only X-Men: House of M remains from the previously teased series with no creative team announced nor confirmation its coming in July 2015 for Secret Wars. He is the Senior Editor at Comics Nexus and currently writes the special feature - on Mondays when published - DEMYTHIFY column. In her dream-like state, she finds herself in medieval times, trying to discover The Secret. Magic, clues, secret codes, time travel, and masters of disguise are all part of this fun story.
EN SABAH NUR, the APOCALYPSE, rules his BATTLEWORLD kingdom without mercy, but the terrorist X-MEN plan to end his reign.
This follows years of producing the NEAR MINT MEMORIES and the ONE FAN'S TRIALS columns at the Nexus plus a short stint at Bleeding Cool producing the COMICS REALISM column. Max-Ernest and Cass remain very close friends who use their wits to solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and stay alive.
This new Age of Apocalypse series will feature a new version of that setting, as the original saw several major characters die over the course of the storyline.
Success means finding one very special mutant named CYPHER and unleashing a weapon that will kill Apocalypse -- and possibly all mutants, too!

As BabosScribe, John is active on his twitter account, his facebook page and welcomes any and all feedback. Cass is trying to figure out where she is, why she is there, and how to learn The Secret and get back to where she belongs. Very witty, snarky asides by the author are part of this story, as usual, and readers may find themselves laughing aloud at times. Will Max-Ernest awaken her before it is too late and will Cass retrieve what she went back in time for? Some mild potty humor references are made (chamber pots, porta potties, stool sample, etc.) but overall this story is very wholesome.
Family is unusual and somewhat alternative, as Max-Ernest's parents live in separate sides of the same house, have a baby that he raises for them, and Cass's grandparents are two men who live together.

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