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Secret Seven Book Series — Buy Secret Seven Book Series, Price , Photo Secret Seven Book Series, from Navrang Bookseller,Company. Get latest priceDescriptionThe Secret Seven of the group are : Peter (the group leader), Janet, Jack, Barbara, George, Pam and Colin. The Secret Seven was a fictional group of child detectives: Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, George, Pam and Colin. I would spend hour upon hour, daydreaming about their adventures, and just wishing I could be one of the 7! When did I stop wishing I could save all the dogs in the neighbourhood or help the Old Man find his violin?

When did I stop longing to be part of the Secret Seven who lived from one adventure to the next?
So I have decided to put some adventure back into my life, no, not by saving every dog in the neighbourhood (truth be known, I don’t even like dogs) but from learning some life lessons from The Secret Seven. This is a delightful collection of six Secret Seven short stories, packed with adventure and mystery, featuring a secret store of stolen silver, a surprising view through a telescope, a shrill scream on a night out, a disappearing cash box, a dangerous accident, and a trap for the Secret Seven! I remember one year when I was about 9, all I wanted for my birthday were Secret Seven books. Imagining to myself that Janet would have to go off to boarding school and I would be asked to replace her.

I didn’t want a Cabbage Patch Doll, a Care Bear, or even some Roller Skates, nope, it was Secret Seven all the way! Who could forget the time when all of the dogs in the neighbourhood went missing, the time the neighbours House burnt down, or the unforgettable time when the Old Mans violin went missing! So often, we walk through life with our heads always looking down that we miss the adventures going on around us.

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