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We stood for our picture in front of a beautiful grey and blue fleur background, like a vignette from Downton Abbey, me in my elbow-length gloves and Adam in his white tie tuxedo with tails.
We were transported into the roaring 20’s inside, swinging jazz blaring and dancers jitterbugging on the center floor.
Our hostess, Mandy Lauderdale, floated through the crowd, yet what was trailing behind her?
The Austin Influential Group, a charity group run by Candice Johnson, started in early 2012 with the goal of continuing the work of a disbanded Charitable Ladies organization here in Austin.
For the theme of the Secret Society Ball fundraiser, the 1920’s was the natural choice for Johnson.

The enthusiasm of Austinites for themed dress-up parties made the event even more special, as attendance was through the roof and costumes were outstanding! To find out more information about taking part in or supporting the Austin Influential Group, contact Candice Johnson. The red carpet below our feet, the excitement emanating from the other people in line, their feathers and fringe swaying in the night breeze.
This fabulous Secret Society Ball, hosted by the Austin Influential Group, was in support of Austin Pets Alive!
She is enamored with the era and originally hoped the event would coincide with the release of The Great Gatsby.

Between the entertainment, specialized decor, and the fabulous costumes of the participants, it was a complete package. This event will support FAIR Movement, Families for Autism and Immune Recovery. So be sure to check it out! Candice got both her cats from APA, an organization that works hard to maintain Austin’s status as a No-Kill city.

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