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This shadow box has a secret sliding compartment behind for hiding guns, tools and valuables.
Yesterday I ran into a friend while perusing the Yogurt section of the local grocery store. I was glad to see my friend, and also impressed that he had decided to hit the grocery store instead of a fast food joint. So here is how it works: You get a nice little bar fridge from your own basement, from a friend, or from Craigslist.
Stock the fridge with a loaf of whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, a jar of good jam, some bananas, apples, carrots, cucumbers and any other snacking vegetables, almonds, hot sauce, cheddar cheese, nice yogurt, and even some Beer for when you work late with the coworkers.
You have freed an hour of each day to work smarter, and the $12 of savings per day will compound to about $45,000 over your ten year career. I donated my own office worker fridge to a friend in need and I hope it is now contributing to someone else’s early retirement.
I’m not sure how well a fridge, especially with beer, under my desk would go over here. I also bike to work, so that is another limitation (most of the time I’m in places where there is no grocery store within biking distance). That was the day I went on craigslist and found an actual bar fridge (had been used for booze by college students). It is generally stocked with: salad dressing (homemade or bought) because I bring salad to work for lunch often. I also store half and half for coffee, and occasional juice box if my kid is going to visit. I definitely use it as an opportunity to get 8.5 hours worth of work done in 9 hours at the office (I often take a 30 min walk at lunch). I take a diet Mt Dew, a bowl of leftovers, a few chips, 2 bite size candy bars to work every day. The 10lbs of body weight are certainly not attributable to the difference in diet and non-diet sodas.
If only people had those types of food in their ACTUAL HOME refrigerator, maybe America would be in better shape.
You know, I could never get away with a fridge under my desk at the large corp where I work, but I do have the pleasure of a good cafeteria with a great salad bar. I would also prefer to build a wine cellar under my desk because I’m not a beer drinker, but to each his own. I do think that the folks who go out and spend significant bucks on lunch each day are kind of crazy. While this obviously does save money over buying lunch while at work, it should also be pointed out that, depending on work location, buying lunch can be done for a lot less that $12.
Although, I like to get up from my desk and move around every once in a while, so I think I’ll continue to use the community fridge in the break room. If your office kitchen has a microwave, it opens up a cheap, healthy option for breakfast. I highly recommend adding some walnuts or slivered almonds to that oatmeal for some protein – and it’s just darn tasty! Not being allowed to have individual fridges at work (or having the guts to go against this), I’ve survived with a food bin under my desk.You can keep a lot of food safely at room temp!
4: Plop the pot of hot milk into some cold water in your sink to cool it until it is lukewarm, about body temp. 5: Stir in a spoonful of the ridiculously expensive yogurt, then pour everything into a convenient container(s).

8: Add jam or fresh fruit, enjoy a snack, and put the money you just saved into your stash. I find that yogurt usually lasts at least a month in the fridge before it starts to get nasty, so you can make a big batch if you eat a lot of yogurt. I did it with a yogurt incubator though, it is pretty cheap, and at a gallon a month usage it pays for itself after 3 months.
Myself I have found no need to boil the milk first, I am going on three months of using the same starter yogurt and it is turning out fantastic every time. I do use the lids now during incubation, I have found it doesn’t seem to make a difference and allows me to easily mark which jar is my starter jar for this batch. Another recommendation is to buy the plain yogurt, for some reason this only comes in pints, greek yogurt will work too. If you use the above method please make sure you have sanitized your containers, especially if you want to use one for your next batches starter. Ah hh, one of the pleasures of being at home: I can make myself delicious, healthy lunches every day! One of the things that has always blown my mind is the amount of money spent on lunch break. I don’t have my own personal fridge, but there are two large refrigerators in the building where my husband and I work. I whimped out on riding my bike into work this morning because of a forecast of 2 inches of snow (I have road tires). My stash of almond butter and raw honey helped me get through the day without needing to visit the cafeteria and shell out extra money for lunch. So I suggest that if you don’t have a fridge at work, you should lobby for a larger fridge you can use with your coworkers together! I am quite the prepper, since I tend to waste food when I don’t portion it well enough. It was around noon on a Thursday, and my friend explained to me that he had just come from his office job to grab a few necessities for lunch because he had forgotten to bring anything to work that day. A Fairly Mustachian Move, compared to most people, who go out to lunch almost every work day, spending about $12 including food, drink, tax, tip, and car expenses. As a tall man without the food-conserving advantages of Car Transportation or Television Leisure, I burn through a good number of calories each day.. If you ever forget this step, there are enough long-lasting items in there to allow you to improvise a lunch to get you through until restocking. It would be more over an even longer career, but YOU will get to retire and move on to eating from your real fridge at home as I do. So I disguised it as a small rack of test equipment with a hinged front and lots of dangling wires – that trick got me through the rest of my career with no further complaints. This is a stupid nit-picky point, but refrigerating bread makes it stale faster, and no, I’m not just making that up. Unfortunately your pancreas doesn’t know the difference between sugar and Nutrasweet, so it releases insulin when you drink diet soda. No office fridge here, just some almonds in my desk and sometimes a bag of apples in the office fridge.
I like a lot of things at room temperature that most people prefer refrigerated so I just keep stuff in a cupboard. Ever since my first trip to Austin, Shiner Bock has been one of my top beers, because of its refreshing richness (i.e. We have fridges and a kitchen space at my work so I just bring in some sliced roast meat each week, buy some quality bread and sauces, and make my own tasty, nutritious lunch each day.

I haven’t worked in an office for 14 years, but when I did I always kept a stash of snacks like crackers, nuts, cans of tuna and fruit in my desk drawer, as well as bringing leftovers for lunch. All of these meals would have to be kept in the truck which can be scorching hot in the summer and down to far below freezing in the winter.
Of course its not your own bill, but I have the impression that many readers of this blog are ecologically motivated and the additional electricity will add to your ecological footprint or similar measures. I admit dairy products are a problem, but I wouldn’t want to operate my own fridge for a cup of yogurt and a piece of cheese. Since I do almost everything by cycling (I don’t even own a car) I am also very often in need of being fed.
I prep this all the night before, together with the boyfriends lunch for the next day (which contains about the same stuff). Plus an hour of otherwise productive time that could be used either to get ahead in their careers or go home earlier that night. You are always in a good mood at work because your mind and body are constantly kept in perfect running order with the utmost in nutrition.
This completely screws up your insulin levels, since there isn’t as much sugar in your system as your pancreas thought. One trick to that is to never buy beverages (I just drink water from the fountain on cooler). And the cheap stuff is exactly what I keep there – sandwich materials, inexpensive fruits, and a few bagels from time to time. The guys from IT would be hovering around my desk at 3pm every day, asking what I had for them to eat.
A) because home cooked is far better than anything bought on the go and B) it pains me every time I need to spend the $ on it. Is it realistic to think that he could get a fast, hearty n’ hot meal at least once a day without resorting to crappy fast food joints?
I’ll make my own blends using bulk-section herbs (spearmint, cinnamon, clove, slippery elm, lavender, chamomile, etc) which I usually spend less than a dollar on for each, and then I usually double or triple brew my teas. A smart company values its employees and encourages them to customize their workspace and express creativity. It was private enough to have a fridge and lots of customized decor, but it still required headphones rather than speakers for music listening. Elevated insulin levels leads to increased appetite; those who drink diet soda tend to consume more calories in a day than those who drink regular including the calories from the regular soda. We each have our own teas in our desks and we each have taken a different approach on this.
So I do bring lunch once or twice a week, and I always pack my own snacks, but I have no guilt when I buy lunch. Best park – picked it up on craigslist for $35 from a guy that had it in his garage and never used it. I also get teased unmercifully for bringing a coffee plunger (French press?) and my own coffee, rather than drinking the execrable International Roast instant coffee work supplied. I can’t imagine how much they lose because of this habit, but it makes me feel better every day I keep the wallet in my pocket and stick to the plan. Not that I felt deprived at all, I would plan the occasional cafe lunch for special occasions, or sit in a cafe and sip a coffee, so it was a treat, and I did agonise over the money I spent being a natural tight-arse.

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