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Gooday, When I read the first paragraph of The Divide, not knowing that it was being ghost-written, it seemed off. I never said my disappointment fell on her, nor did I know that at the time of writing this. Quoting Guest:I never said my disappointment fell on her, nor did I know that at the time of writing this.
I've also picked up that there's a difference in writing style when I completed the TVD and started with the Night World & Secret Circle, but because LJ Smith has captivated me with her previous work I will continue supporting her no matter what. The quality of writing in Secret Circle The Divide is dramatically different than book 1 written by LJ Smith.
Now that LJ is releasing fanfics of how she wanted The Vampire Diaries series to continue on, I’m just hoping that there’ll be a chance for The Secret Circle to continue as fanfics also. Even though The Divide wasn't written by L.J Smith, I still loved it, even The Hunt and The Temptation.
The only problems I have with the new ones are that there are inconsistencies with the story's timeline. I simply want to tell you that I am new to blogging and site-building and seriously enjoyed your blog site.

When I noticed the ghostwriter's name displayed in such a way that it was deceiving who had written the book, I understood why I was so bored with it. I've read both books a thousand times and was highly disappointed to discover you had given the rights away to Aubrey clark..
Your disappointment should not fall on Miss Smith, but on the publishing company and their powers that be that took her beloved pieces of work away from her. I will however continue reading the material I have as the stories I believe is definitely inspired by her other books.
I love learning about witchcraft, I know many of you thing the Divide, Hunt, & Temptation where wastes and badly written by Clark but I liked learning about Cassie's ancestors it was cool & I love fictional history. I also learned that some of the other language spells in these 3 books are latin or greek words. And you probably want to look incredible every step of the way, sporting a style that makes you sparkle.
Miss Smith, I hope that you will continue writing and I will always keep an eye out for anything from you.
For a girl like you, that’s no problem—because you’re about to discover the secrets to true success, lasting joy, and a killer style you’ll never outgrow.

Then I was on google looking for answers to the questions the book had piqued and I found out that you hadn't written it and that made lots of sense. I just feel like those kind of things take me out of the story because I can no longer feel myself in the same timeline as the first three. I cant bring myself to read Aubrey's work as she's not you and it feels as though I am betraying you the original author..
And what up with the whole Justinian the first thing?Honestly, I loved the books, but all of that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ confuses me. The novels are right up my street and that's why I am so very sad right now that our dear Lisa isn't the author of the rest of the series I don't think I will want to read someone else's work.I hope dear Lisa that one day you will want to and be able to publish your Secret Circle books.If you should ever come across this comment you should know that I think and many many others would agree that you are a master of your craft and there are very few writers of fantasy work that posess such talent of storytelling! Through true-to-life stories and thought-provoking questions, you’ll find that Jesus gives girls beauty and style unlike anything money can buy at the mall.

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