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The truth is, THE SECRET helps bring riches to the poor, abundance to the hungry, peace to the war-torn, wellness to the unhealthy. Now, it might seem obvious, but the hardest part about living your dream is knowing just exactly what your dream is.
And then you got older, and there were all these pressures and expectations and demands and limitations.
People started telling you youa€™re not smart enough, not strong enough, not pretty enough, not good enough. What if you could get back to that time in your life when there were no limits to what you could be? And what if you discovered you have the power to make all your dreams come true a€“ to go anywhere, to do anything, to be everything you choose? And the truth is, this big SECRET youa€™ve been hearing about a€¦ well, it really does unleash the power to let you be all you can be and achieve all you want to achieve.

Miracles of health, wealth, success, relationships, happiness, freedom, love a€¦ all these things are available to you once you know THE SECRET. And therea€™s Einsteina€™s law of relativity a€“ everything in the Universe is made of energy.
And then therea€™s a€?string theorya€? a€“ everything in the Universe vibrates, everything has its own vibe. You attract all the stuff that happens to you, every last little thing, no matter whether ita€™s totally awesome or truly awful.
You dona€™t look alike, but you almost certainly think alike, and you like one another because of this. And according to the law of attraction, ita€™s your thoughts that hold the power, that do all the attracting. Then, before you know it, youa€™re thinking about that song all day long until the song is totally stuck in your head. And eventually youa€™ll be hearing that song being played everywhere you go because now youa€™re fully obsessing.
Now youa€™re attracting the song a€“ in the mall, at school, on TV a€“ wherever you are, your thoughts are attracting that song. Normally, a remote control can tune in to the TV, DVD player, MP3 player, game console, and surround sound system. With one click, an infrared signal changes the channel, turns up the sound, plays music, or launches a game or a movie. Well, youa€™re even more powerful than that because you can control your entire experience. Say, for example, youa€™ve had a falling out with your friends and no one is talking to you. In order to change the channel, to change what you experience, you need to send out a new signal. And thata€™s the way you can change everything, all the experiences of your life as well as the world around you.
If you do that, youa€™ll stress out, youa€™ll give off a stressed-out vibe, and then youa€™ll attract exactly what you dona€™t want. But youa€™re not a fan of punk, emo, or pop, so you type in something like a€?NO Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, or Katy Perry.a€? What youa€™ll find is that the search engine completely ignores the a€?noa€? and focuses only on the keywords.
Ita€™ll give you hundreds of fanboy sites for these artists a€“ exactly what you didna€™t want.
Ita€™s because you focused on the very thing you didna€™t want, the subject, so the Universe conspired to give you that very thing. The only way to get what you really want in life is to focus precisely on what you do want. We get into a funk when things dona€™t go our way, and then it all spirals downward from there. And more negative thoughts attract even worse conditions, and before you know it, you find yourself bitter and angry and surrounded by misery. Have you ever noticed that negative, angry people who find lots to complain about, and who seem to whine most of the time, end up miserable all the time? Ita€™s all a function of thought a€“ your life is really just a reflection of your vibe and the thoughts you hold on to.

And given that thoughts are also energy, with their own vibe and their own magnetic properties, that means your thoughts attract things, your thoughts become things, and therefore, your mind shapes the world around you. Ita€™s not like you need to know how to fire up a nuclear fission reactor to turn on the light switch. You just need to have a little faith that it works, and that you can use it to have, do, or be whatever you choose. REAL STORIES Rachaela€™s Secret When I was in third grade, I told my mother that I wanted to go to the University of Notre Dame.
I remember going to meetings at age thirteen about what it took to get in a€“ thata€™s how bad I wanted it. I told everyone I talked to, new friends and old friends, that I would be attending the University of Notre Dame.
Dona€™t you have to be really smart?a€? They would wish me good luck in a a€?you really need ita€? tone. Before every football game, Notre Dame would play a commercial showing a girl taking a€?the lettera€? out of her mailbox.
I CRIED EVERY TIME (because I could FEEL a€“ with so much intensity a€“ how I would feel when I came to that day). When it came time to apply, I was more stressed out than I had ever been in my life, but I still continued to tell people that I would be going there. Sometimes a thought would creep into my head, saying, a€?What if Ia€™ve been telling everyone that Ia€™m going there and then I dona€™t get in?a€? Every time Ia€™d stop and say, a€?NO, I will not let myself think these thoughts.a€? And I would continue to imagine and to feel the feelings of coming home and seeing the letter sitting on the table. On March 28, 2008, I got a call from my stepfather telling me that I had to come home a€?RIGHT NOW.a€? When I got home, I saw the envelope and felt every feeling that I had felt previously in my mind a€“ only magnified. I KNEW that Notre Dame was the place for me, was my home (I guess God, the Universe, knew too).
Rachael, age 18Indiana, USA CARPE DIEM a€“ SEIZE THE DAY So many people live for tomorrow instead of today.
Ita€™s as if life begins when you get your drivera€™s license, or when you graduate, or when you move away from your parents. A huge part of the SECRET is that all of your power is concentrated today, in the moment, this very instant, right now.
What you think about the most or focus on the most right now will turn up as your life in the future.
That is to say, you cana€™t be angry and frustrated today and expect things to improve tomorrow.
Focus on today, get satisfaction now, because thata€™s the only way your dreams of tomorrow come true. Ita€™s more likely than not that what you want to do, and who youa€™re supposed to be, are all tied up with the stuff that fires you up right now.
So a€¦ Take out a notepad and write a list of all the stuff that youa€™re into, awesome stuff that takes your breath away and really makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. No pressure; just write down anything that you love to do, or that you really look forward to.

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