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The underground bunker is located west of the Department of Operations, the General Staff of the Vietnam’s People Army in the imperial citadel of Thang Long in downtown Hanoi. It played an important role in the American war, especially during the 12 days and nights of the Hanoi-Dien Bien Phu air battle 40 years ago. The bunker was built at the end of 1964 and in early 1965 in a total area of 64m2 with cement blocks measuring a total of 1,000 cubic metres. This was the ongoing work of the team in combat duty by the Department of Operations, the General Staff in charge, responsible for direct reply to President Ho Chi Minh when he asked and monitored hostilities in the northern battlefield as well as the Indochina war and made proposals to the General Staff of combat plans.
The two remaining rooms are the tactical briefing room, covering 20 m2, which is near the door of the bunker to the east and the motor, covering 10 m2 which is near the door of the bunker in the south.
The tactical briefing room is the place where the warfare commanders organised continuous meetings and commanded the fight against the US, particularly the Hanoi-Dien Bien Phu air battle from December 18-29, 1972. 40 years have passed since the Paris Peace Accords were signed (1973-2013), and the bunker was opened to the public. The Thang Long Heritage Preservation Centre restored the whole space of the relic, including wooden walls and ceiling and paper maps. The opening of the warfare bunker helps visitors both at home and abroad understand the historical period of the brave fight and the victory of the army and people of Vietnam in the war against the US. A 105 year old Texas woman has earned a place in almost all headlines by revealing the most unlikely secret to her long life. A 105-year-old Texas woman has earned a place in almost all headlines by revealing the most unlikely secret to her long life. Pearl Cantrell, who's mostly referred to as the '105-year-old bacon woman', said in an interview with a local NBC station, "I love bacon and I eat it everyday. Resident of Central Texas, Cantrell, a mother of seven, has outlived three of her kids, as well as her husband. Reports according to KRBC state that Cantrell's love for bacon grabbed the attention of the American meat and cold cut production company Oscar Mayer. Cantrell's daughter Anno says that her mother taught them to work hard and think about living everyday they woke up.

This story comes as a challenge to the latest study conducted by the University of Zurich, which clearly states that eating too much bacon elevates the risk for bowel cancer. Late Show host, Stephen Colbert accepted a challenge to send the American old favorite dessert, Astronaut Ice Cream to space. Intestinal worms called Helimosomoides polygyrus bakeri can boost the immune system, according to researchers. The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association released a joint statement recommending that an inpatient rehabilitation facility is what's best those patients recovering from a stroke.
NOAA's exploration vessel Okeanos Explorer has been conducting a deepwater survey of the Mariana Trench. A team of scientists on a dinosaur expedition in Antarctica discovered nearly a ton of 71 million years old fossils.
Recently, a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina gave an explanation for the cause of earthquakes in the unlikely area of Southeastern US.
Many species of deep ocean fish have special adaptations to living in extremely high pressure, low light conditions. Here's an up close and personal view of the wicked-looking Viper fish (Chauliodus macouni). Recently, the bunker was restored by the Thang Long Heritage Preservation Centre and was officially opened to tourists.
With a system of air conditioning, filtering and ventilation, the bunker was considered one of the most modern of its kind that could provide shelter from atomic bombs.
The cadres of the centre collected 185 out of 197 artifacts and materials such as telephones, work diaries and utensils for the display in the bunker. Yes, you read it right; 105-year-old Pearl Cantrell loves to eat bacon and feasts on it almost every day. Her recent 105th birthday bash was a three-day affair that included more than 200 guests. Some of them are black as night all over with light organs (called photophores) in strategic places on their bodies, including one on modified dorsal fin that serves as a lure for the fish it preys upon.

Each booth was installed with three telephones, a system of monitoring the air routes of both the US and Vietnam aircrafts, a war map, an alarm and a loudspeaker. The spokesman reached her home in a Wienermobile and gave the 'bacon woman' a ride in the hot dog-shaped truck, gifting her tons of bacon, with more to come in the future.
Viper fish (found at 80-1600 meters - about a mile down) are some of the most wicked looking fish in the depths. They are some of the deepest living fish in the sea, having been seen as far down as 16,000 feet deep.
The photo at right is a hairy anglerfish (click it for an enlarged view) with lots of glowing lures to attract prey in the utter blackness of the deep.
They also have enlarged eyes, presumably for gathering as much light as possible where there is little or no light at all. Adult fangtooths (fang teeth?) have an interesting adaptation for living with those giant fangs; they have holes, or sinuses, in their upper jaws and skulls that their bottom teeth fit into when their mouths are closed.
Biologists speculate that these horrific-looking teeth and jaws are an adaptation to living in the low-energy environment of the deep sea. They use those ferocious fangs to hunt for other fish and squid, which can be very fast and tricky to catch. Food is extremely scarce in the deep sea environment, so the fish that live here have developed extremely deadly jaws to ensure that prey they capture in their jaws has no way to escape. They don't have any special lights or lures like the viper fish, so they move about 'blindly' in the darkness of the deep sea, basically grabbing onto whatever they run into in the dark - even if it's bigger than they are!
The fangooth holds the world record for the largest teeth in the ocean (relative to body size).

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