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But what if your motivation to pick up Spanish, Japanese, or another language isn’t based on the brain boost?
We recently came across this colorful take on reasons to learn a language from our friends at City Speakeasy, and it’s a great look at a few of the more unconventional considerations. It’s sad to say, but those who speak English as their first language are considered to be far less motivated to learn another language. The news of Atlantic International Bank becoming certified as a Great Place to Work has been slowly making its way across the small country of Belize. Ellis:    “A great place to work does not involve fancy office equipment nor fancy computers. Krystle:      “AIBL is a great place to work because both staff and customers are treated with the utmost care and respect. Marcia:   “Even when it comes to volunteer work, staff get together and give back to the community with enthusiasm.
Vanessa:   “I believe that our organization is truly blessed to have dynamic people working together as a family. Amalia:      “AIBL has always been a Great Place to work and fortunately this was recognized in 2016, where we were awarded #1 Best Company to work for in Central America and the Caribbean. The secret of what makes Atlantic International Bank a Great Place to Work is really not rocket science.
Do you know of another Belizean organization that has great workplace culture and deserves to be recognized as a Great Place to Work? Band Fest in Belize – Unique Belizean Talent is what determines the best Marching Band!
Relevant people are the ones who’ve figured out that “it is greater to give than to receive”.
You can give by using your gift of singing to create music that brings joy and hope into the lives of others.
What I am saying is that there are two vaults you can choose to primarily live your life from: the GIVERS vault or the TAKERS vault.
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And the funny part is that the more you give, the more karmic returns of blessings you are creating for yourself (be it now or later; be it from the one you gave to or someone else completely).
Thanks Ada,keep using your gift to touch lives like mine positively just as this article has encouraged me to do also. After reading this article the only question i could ask myself is…… how much of a giver have i been recently?
I encourage you to use it is a courageous opportunity to offer to someone a smile that they just might not get at any other point throughout their day – it can truly make a difference in their hearts. When I asked him about it, he smiled and said, a€?Kelly, I cana€™t create what I want to create in just any block of wood.
We are, each of us, like blocks of wood, and becoming our true selves is the gradual process of carving away the excess and steadily becoming more and more the shape of what we already are. Discovering our true selves begins by trusting there is a shape buried within us, and it is already good enough, loveable, and worthy. Several weeks after I asked my artist friend about his delay, I spoke with him again, and he was giddy with excitement.
And grace creates places of belonginga€”spaces of carvinga€”where we join with those who can see who we are and what we are becoming, to carve out of all our unnecessary partsa€”all the confusion and false starts and loneliness and self-rejectiona€”even as we join them in the carving out of who they are.
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I’ve been pondering his eagerness while thinking of how people structure their mornings. The first step to figuring out what will get you out of bed early is letting go of ideas of what you should be doing.
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From the author of The Myth of Multitasking comes Invaluable, a business fable that empowers the frustrated and overworked to understand the value of their time.

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What if you just want to understand the sushi terms on your menu, order a round of German beer, or rattle off all the different kinds of French cheese? It gets easier every moment you practice; your words flowing more fluidly with each [mistake].
It’s an unusual award and naturally people want to know how a small bank like this could reach such a huge accomplishment. At work we see fairness, credibility, respect, pride and camaraderie so that’s what we display in our actions outside. This builds my self-confidence to excel in my daily tasks and encourages me to be a loyal and more productive employee.
They promote self-improvement through education programs for the employees, a pension plan in place to secure their future, insurance benefits and sick day benefits. In 2009 she graduated with her Master's Degree from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Kingston Jamaica.
Surprisingly, there are a lot of people making loads of money that aren’t necessarily “relevant”. You could easily have a truckload of dragging-you-down-to-doom friends…that says nothing about relevance. Relevant people are the ones who’ve figured out that their natural gift is meant for their purpose (we all have purpose love – you, me, and cousin Lucy) and that their purpose is centered around service to others. And no, you don’t need to have the biggest bank account or the trendiest clothes or the model-look or anything else of the sort to become relevant. You can give by using your gift of writing and storytelling to lighten the spirits of others, share with others the life lessons you’ve learned, and encourage people (including yourself) to live better.
But, it is only one of them that will make you “relevant”, and that my friend is the GIVERS vault. I try to remain mindful that my smile might be the only one a stranger I encounter gets so it’s important I offer it more.
I know change cannot happen immediately but what matters is the desire to change and the step we make towards making that change. How can I search for beauty and truth unless that beauty and truth are already known to me in the depth of my heart? I looked inside of myself, and I looked around, and I saw that we all long to do something good that will prove wea€™re good enough.
Being human isna€™t about finding an existence worth living, ita€™s about finding out how to live from the worthiness already existing within us. We spend too much time trying to carve against the grain of who we area€”a kind of on-going self-rejection, a way of stubbornly insisting we arena€™t good enough and we need to become something different. He told me hea€™d found what he thought was the right piece of wood, and hea€™d begun his work.
Even my late sleeper was a morning person as he thought about spending time with his friend. Otherwise, it’s just an exercise in futility, and a recipe for hitting snooze again and again. Preview ebook and open the sample ebook on each of your intended devices before continuing. Choice of what ebook reading app to use is yours, we only present a few common apps that several customers of ours have preferred. Bask in the glory of an engaging conversation about French cheese, Italian agriculture, Spanish art.
Order in Spanish during your next taco binge, or snag a ticket for the flick with subtitles you keep talking yourself out of.
AIBL stands at the cutting edge by offering not only those but other factors that are associated with working at a great institution. That’s what we believe will help us to get ahead in our daily lives both inside AIBL and outside.

Working with a team that encourages self-growth both personal and professional is rare; therefore, to be part of a team with a positive light to move forward in life is very rewarding. Also, each year the bank gives back to its employees by sponsoring a family day trip, a Christmas party and more. We enjoy being “different from the ordinary” so we try to incorporate that way of thinking in whatever we do.
Relevant people are the ones who spend the majority of their time finding ways to spread hope in the world and encourage the souls of others. He led India to independence from British rule and inspired several movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. Also, I never heard anyone say he was terribly handsome or wore the best designer clothes or had outstanding social skills. You can give by volunteering at your local food bank to help package food or deliver meals.
Truth be told, there isn’t a time when you will be able to help everyone (at each given moment though, you can help someone). I have no issues with smiling and giving but then maybe a little more act of kindness would not be a bad idea.
If you carve against the graina€”try to force it into something it is nota€”you will crack the wood and ruin the sculpture.
There are good reasons to believe that what we do first sets the tone for the rest of the day. Maybe you’d love to connect more with your partner, but the two of you tend to pass out on the couch in front of the TV at night.
In a recent interview with staff members, several individuals were asked, “What makes Atlantic International Bank a Great Place to Work?” Their responses were as follows. All these are a clear indication that they care not only for their employees but also for their employees’ family.
The way we manage, the way we interact as a family, the way we embrace the fact that we spend more than 56% of our waking hours at work, so why not make it a place we love.
Relevant people are the ones who are mindful of how they behave around others and how they inspire those around them.
He also led nationwide campaigns in India to ease poverty, expand women’s rights, build religious and ethnic amity, and end “untouchability”. You can give by making it a habit to smile at strangers you pass by on the street or sit next to on the train.
We long to create something out in the world that will create a worthy identity inside of us. And his happiness was grace, because grace is the delight that happens when someone or Someone sees us and sees the beautiful shape already residing somewhere within us.
If you want a morning routine that works, you need a reason to get up that is more compelling than your pillow. He must establish the value of his time, rather than expecting to be paid what he thinks he is worth.
Relevant people are the ones who’ve figured out that the joy and fulfillment they seek will come from the spiritual impact they make on the lives of fellow people. Grace doesna€™t necessarily change anything about us; it simply sees who wea€™ve always been. They try to establish morning routines, fail, and then decide that they are just not morning people. Time management consultant Phil helps them determine how they spend their time, and what it costs, with easy-to-follow worksheets that map what their actions and time are worth.
A guilt-free half hour spent reading a page-turner might be motivation for some, or time to paint, or compose, or blog. Even just spending some quiet time with some good coffee, contemplating life, can feel decadent in a world where somebody wants something from you every two minutes.

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